Joe Diamond Gets Stoned

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Joe Diamond - P.I.Staker (Hard Mode) - Now Improved! 464 389 41 1.0
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CelestialMonkey · 2

The basic idea is to get a lot of testless damage out of the Ancient Stone. To get this deck going you need Dr. Elli Horowitz with an ancient stone, so mulligan hard for her or pull her up with No Stone Unturned. If you play her and you don’t get the stone, use Calling in Favors to bring her back to your hand and try again.

Drawing cards is pretty simple. You have Cryptic Research and Preposterous Sketches, plus Eureka! and Tooth of Eztlii. You’re Detective's Colt 1911s will obviously be very handy for finishing enemies off, and you probably want to save some resources to deal with treacheries and Unsolved Case.