Miss Rousseau & Dr. Withers: Mystics in Dunwich

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DelightfulDilettante · 88

This deck was played in conjunction with the following deck - Dr. Withers & Miss Rousseau: Mystics in Dunwich.

Managed to send Yog-Sothoth running to his mama with the duo of Norman and Sefina, getting Resolution 3 in Lost in Time and Space. We played through on standard.

Sefina is a bit of a tough nut to crack, and I still don't feel like I have quite figured her out. She has some incredible moments and is capable of doing everything, but dealing with consecutive enemies is her Achilles' heel. Drawn to the Flame and Rite of Seeking were clutch in helping Norman scoop up clues faster. This duo also managed to stop all of the Broods in Undimensioned and Unseen thanks to Sefina using Mind Wipe on two of them, finishing one off with a Storm of Spirits and the other with a shot from the Ornate Bow.

Doomed was a fun weakness to get. I accepted that she wasn't going to live to see the end of the campaign and made peace with it early on. As a result, I also threw in the Charon's Obol too, because why not? Thanks to the Dunwich campaign being so happy with making you discard cards, I managed to throw it out a few times, and I managed to avoid it entirely in the final scenario. That said, its presence made me throw out Guts and Manual Dexterity, which I may not have done if I wasn't so scared of drawing cards. I did unfortunately get Through the Gates part way through the campaign as an additional weakness, which seemed to be the universe saying it hated Sefina.