Dr. Withers & Miss Rousseau: Mystics in Dunwich

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DelightfulDilettante · 88

This deck was played in conjunction with the following deck - Miss Rousseau & Dr. Withers: Mystics in Dunwich.

Managed to send Yog-Sothoth running to his mama with the duo of Norman and Sefina, getting Resolution 3 in Lost in Time and Space. We played through on standard.

Norman was quite the force to be reckoned with, managing to hold his own at pretty much all times. The Hawk-Eye Folding Camera was beautiful whenever it came out early, boosting everything that needed boosting. Indebted wasn't too too bad as a weakness, although it was enough to make me drop the Fingerprint Kit early on for economic reasons. The The Necronomicon ended up providing a sufficient money boost a few times when it was needed.

Time Warp ended up saving Norman from a failed Backstab Sefina did at one point in The Miskatonic Museum (thanks autofail token!) which was neat to see in action. Norman did die later in that same scenario, taking a physical trauma when Sefina accidentally hit him with her Ornate Bow (thanks again autofail token).