Mob Boss Enforcer Tony [Hard; Fighter; Multiplayer]

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Rancord · 846


This is a Tony as a Full Fighter in Multiplayer. As Chicago Typewriter does the most damage, you need the guardian class for Extra Ammunition and Prepared for the Worst to reliable use it. The deck already is prepared for the future "Let god sort them out...", where you will use On the Hunt to rack up extra XP.

Roles and Goals of Tony

  • Your job is to kill enemies that show up, and keep your clue-gatherers out of enemy trouble. Thanks to Leo De Luca and Bounty Contracts, you can even Move/Engange and then still have enough actions left to fight your enemies, which guards often have not.
  • Mulligan for a weapon/prepared and Leo de Luca
  • If you have Colt early, you can easily distribute your bounties on small enemies, to get it back and save the fight actions. If you do not have the colt, and you expect rather big monsters, you might save a bit on bounties.
  • Bounty management will take you some scenarios to master, and you might end up with your bounty left at the end of scenario, or not enough left to fight a boss with your colts.

Pros and Cons

  • + 5 fight actions a turn
  • + Economy built right into him
  • + Flexibility with his second class allow him to take a fighter/hybrid role
  • - Bad stats to deal with The Mythos
  • - Low Sanity
  • - Rogue pool is not developed enough for fighters yet
  • - Lower Damage output than Guardian

Card Selections

Core: This cards make sure your deck can do the goal I outlined before


  • On the Hunt instead of Steadfast or Take
  • "Let god sort them out..." instead of Pipe and one Kukri (depending on scenario you can do this change with adaptable) once it is released (or proxy)
  • Crystallizer of Dreams instead of Lucky Cigarette Case (The card itself is good, and with Let god sort them out, you want more enemies to trigger it)

Tech: This cards can be altered to your liking, and my reasoning for them is less analytical

  • Kukri any 0 xp weapon is good, I like that with Tony's extra actions, it is more reliable on Hard/expert
  • Emergency Cache/Lone Wolf Helping you out in s1, so you can use bounties more strategic.
  • Coup de GrĂ¢ce Can be an Overpower or Small Favor, I enjoy Coup most, even with the turn ending clause. If you face aloof one hp enemies, Small favor is better
  • Scene of the Crime Works better with hunt, but helps our cluers in the early scenarios, before they get really good cluing tools.
  • Narrow Escape The card is just good if your weapon is about to deplete of ammo, or you draw them later, and can help you fight an enemy in another location
  • Lucky Cigarette Case Those can be Fine Clothes for example, I just enjoy free cards, as I have a high base value to trigger it more often. With 5 actions I have a higher chance anyway.


Priority 1: Upgrades that are essential to your job

Priority 2: Those all make your job a bit easier, and round out your deck better, but you do not need them at all for the deck to work. You could even skip them for luxury upgrades.

  • Adaptable If you are not playing the variant here is the time to get rid of cigar case for Crystalizer, swap out your Lone Wolf, adjust things you did not like.
  • Contraband More ammo is good for your Typewriter
  • Decoy Elusive Elusive is just such a good card
  • Another Day, Another Dollar / Leo De Luca I prefer the permanent, even if its one XP more expensive. Idea is to be able to play Luca right away without any resource action.

Luxury: Those are just solid cards that make sense, if you have xp to spare. With let god sort this out depending on campaign and maybe with a delve help you might buy some things you like.


Oct 03, 2019 dubcity566 · 46

I like it overall though I haven't played this style of Tony yet. I agree that I think on Hard+ difficulty as a main combatant, the typewriter needs to be your key weapon. It's too bad because that makes the colts pretty meh. I like Kukri here. I don't like Coup that much and really like Overpower so myself I'd probably make that swap. Maybe 1 and 1 though. 1x small favor is tempting too. I'm not sure how useful Easy Mark is yet. I like "Watch This!" for Tony, might try to make room for one of those. I'm not sure I'd use 2x narrow escapes, I find that card pretty niche. I'd like to find room for 1x Fine Clothes in the starter deck at least. "You owe me one!" is always worth considering as a 1 of depending on your allies. Fun card with a lot of potential. FYI that if playing with Taboo, I believe you cannot use Double, Double for Ace in the Hole. Skeleton key is a powerful investigating card for 3+ players that I think goes well for Tony in this kind of role, I'd consider it as a Luxury item.

Oct 03, 2019 Rancord · 846

Good Point, I forgot about Ace in the hole restriction in taboo.

Oct 06, 2019 Dreadreaper · 3069

Perhaps consider "If it bleeds..." in place of steadfast to help with the horror beating you will be taking?

Oct 09, 2019 Rancord · 846

I think i Would adapt it in, when i know there are enough monsters and horror in the scenario.