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Lethal_Laitue · 262


This is a multiplayer deck meant for a slightly versatile-support, clue-oriented Diana deck. She teams up with Zoey Samaras, Rita Young and Daisy Walker for a full girls band.

  • Daisy is the clue vacuum-cleaner
  • Diana is also clue oriented but with some cancelling/attacking powers
  • Rita is a fighter with full evade skills
  • Zoey is a tank/fighter

The idea is to bring up Diana as soon as possible at 5-6 Willpower so her spells can deploy their effects. 2x Rite of Seeking (depletable) and Sixth Sense (endless usability) for clue searching, Shrivelling for self defense. The idea is to completely deplete Rite of Seeking before placing Sixth Sense in the Spell slots.

2x Knife are here for a backup early game. The Ritual Candles are the real aim for this deck as we play hard mode. Twilight Blade is more like a bonus, I'm not focusing it.

Almost all events are meant for cancelling, activating Diana's trigger ability , with some combos around. Sixth Sense + Dark Prophecy or Eldritch Inspiration + Storm of Spirits

Ward of Protection, Counterspell, Dodge and Delay the Inevitable are particulary efficient in a 4 player mode, supporting anybody.

This deck aims to be consistant and autonomous. Diana can be alone in the Forest facing for the first time the Circle Undone!


First steps, I went for an upgraded version of Ward of Protection so I can really protect anybody in the map. Then I figured that the Storm of Spirits was really useful for this campaign. I started upgrading this spell. Finally I changed 2x Uncage the Soul with 2x I've seen worse for more cancelling powers.

Then I realized that my role was to find clues. So I made an all in for Rite of Seeking emphazing my Willpower test with Four of Cups; haunted and hard mode can be so punishing sometimes.

End campaign, I went for more firepower with 2x Shrivelling.

Coming back from the Circle Undone

I love it when a plan comes together

I must admit this deck is pretty neat and Diana is really an allround investigator. She's an autonomous swiss army knife. She handeld so many diffrent situation saving th day 2 or 3 times during the campaign. I loved playing this deck.

What went according to plan:

  • Scaling up the willpower to 5-6 in 2 or 3 turns, cancelling so many actions/attacks/encounters.
  • Mullganing to get an early Arcane Initiate so I can put my hand on so many spells like Ward of Protection, Storm of Spirits, Rite of Seeking and so on.
  • Storm of Spirits was a blast in this campaign, killing many mobs in one shot, saving so many actions for everybody in the team. Imagine this, 4 ennemies in one room with 2-3 HP killed in a snap. That's at least a 5 action economy. Eldritch Inspiration on the backup to avoid hurting my teammates.
  • Steadfast is so powerful for Diana, boosting essential tests.
  • I think I've underestimated the power of love.. light. 2x Ritual Candles in hard mode is a blast.

What went a bit awry :

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Perhaps the downside of this deck is that it has a limited backup for the other investigators. I first imagined this deck as a support but in the end, going through the Cricle Undone made Diana a self-made autonomous gator. I put aside her role as a sanity healer (it was my first intention) and my interactions with the team was often reduced to use Dark Insight, Delay the Inevitable and Storm of Spirits.

But I think this deck can be easily changed for another campaign as it is mainly structured on the spells slots. You can replace the 5 spells with other possibilities to adjust your role. Clarity of Mind, Mists of R'lyeh or whatever you need. The backbone stays the same. Altrough 5 slots-spells cards is a maximum fot this deck.