Zoey Voorhees

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godog29 · 7

A Zoey Samaras deck that does one thing; kill monsters. Ever dreamed of responding to a monster attacking a fellow investigator with 3 guaranteed damage that can go as high as 6? This deck can do that. And because this deck doesn't have guns, you can keep bringing the pain without running out of ammo.

Every weapon has a purpose; Machete for 1v1, Fire Axe for high fight enemies, Meat Cleaver for sanity management, the Survival Knife for the counter and the Bandolier so you can carry more of them at once. Guard Dog and True Grit make your counter more potent or let you use it when other Investigators are being attacked and many of your events improve the efficiency of engaging with enemies and protecting allies. Heroic Rescue is particularly effective in this deck as it can increase your guaranteed damage to 3 if you have Guard Dog and Zoey's Cross in play with the Survival Knife just stacking on top of that.