Universidad Miskatonic - Reverso

La Universidad Miskatonic es una de las más prestigiosas del noreste. La biblioteca del campus es famosa por su colección de libros de ocultismo mantenida por el estimado Dr. Henry Armitage.



Velo: 4. Pistas: 2.

: Busca entre las 6 primeras cartas de tu mazo 1 carta Tomo o Hechizo y añádela a tu mano. Baraja tu mazo.

Victoria 1.
El campus está tranquilo y desierto. Hay varios edificios abiertos para los estudiantes y profesores que trabajan hasta altas horas de la noche.
Andreas Rocha
Caja básica #129. Las máscaras de medianoche #10.
Universidad Miskatonic
Universidad Miskatonic


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If you take the action, do you have to take a tome? For example, if I am playing Daisy and the Necronomicon is my only spell in the top 6, do I have to draw it? The wording is a bit confusing.

I want to encourage you that this is the review section and there are other good question locations such as BGG, reddit, FFG, or mythos bustor discord. For the question, it is your choice "whether you trigger the ability or not", but if you are choose to trigger the ability, you should resolve the effect as much as possible unless the effect is stated with "may." In this case, you should draw Necronomicon. — elkeinkrad · 473
In fact, this question is one of the famous question and you can check the answer at the FAQ in the [Arcane Initiate](https://arkhamdb.com/card/01063) with Dark Memory. — elkeinkrad · 473
I guess the better answer on this question is FAQs for 'Necronomicon' card: — proma_2023 · 1
https://arkhamdb.com/card/01009 - If you add this to your hand without drawing (e.g. via Research Librarian), the Revelation ability still triggers. — proma_2023 · 1