Gotta say, this card is getting very appealing as a key first weapon in a Leo Anderson deck.

Leo starts with a good Fight value of 4 and will likely have at least one Beat Cop in his deck and hopefully out early, so that's Fight 5. Add a Guard Dog to that for a missed swing and you're doing damage anyway...and have a Survival Knife in the other hand and you're really starting to rock.

With a lot of enemies having a Fight of 2 or 3, even Leo and one Cop will give him a 5 vs. 3 test, and that's easily upped by getting Lone Wolf going with Keen Eye or Physical Training.

And when you get into big bosses, many have Retaliate anyway.

This is an underrated as heck and a guaranteed 2 Damage with no ammo drawbacks.

I see very little reason to run this card over Machete even in Leo Anderson. Machete just seems to be a lot better in many ways. Yes, some bosses already have retaliate, but others don't and there are many strong enemies with high fight value who also don't have retaliate. If this card gave you a +combat bonus to the attack it might 've been worth consideration, but as it is, it is very unappealing. — matt88 · 453
For me, the ability to engage with more than one enemy at a time and still do 2 damage on a hit is great especially early in a cycle. In games with 2 or 3 players where one is just going after clues, it’s even more appealing. Machete penalises you for taking on more than one at once; knuckleduster doesn’t. IMO if you manage your Fight this is a great card. — Krysmopompas · 3
If you'd said Mark instead of Leo (and if Mark could even run this), I could maybe agree with you, but a native fight of 4 doesn't feel like enough. Also, remember that you only get to use the survival knife's reaction during the enemy phase, so you get no benefit from it when you miss your knuckleduster swings. — TheNameWasTaken · 2
Weak card...weak review — Alogon · 19
Weak card...weak review — Alogon · 19
On a lower difficulty where +2 could be enough, and in a multiplayer game where you may have to face multiple enemies on a regular basis (the only reason to consider this over Machete), it may be worth giving this card a second look. I'm not sure how unwieldy the enemies may be in four player, but with three players, we very rarely have a situation where Machete isn't good enough. That said, I don't agree that this is a weak review. — cb42 · 15
I think if this didn't take up a hand slot (y'know... you can hold a gun while wearing these, maybe), I think they'd be as good as people keep trying to make them. With enchanted blade out now, i don't think Guardians even need to consider this. Non-Guardians might like it if they can't get machete, but they'll really miss the extra accuracy. — SGPrometheus · 123
Alice Luxley

Of course for the majority of investigators this will be compared to Dr. Milan Christopher. She doesn't mix well Mark Harrigan and Zoey Samaras, but she works with the others just fine. Roland Banks, Joe Diamond and Leo Anderson have the options of taking either naturally, as does Carolyn Fern, but all the Dunwich investigators might consider this as well if their focus is a mixed bag or a desire for additional boost in their investigations.

With respect to the effect itself, Dr. Milan Christopher will be doing more work per turn given that he is not limited by the number of times that he can trigger in a single phase (although he probably should have been an exhaust just like Alice).

Alice is a secondary consideration in a larger group of investigators however where one of you can take Dr. Milan Christopher and the other can take Alice Luxley. She also has the capability of occasionally doing points of damage and combos well with Scene of the Crime that doesn't trigger attacks of opportunity. A nice, get a clue and swat that Will O' Wisp into a smear.

There are also secondary reasons to take Alice Luxley in addition to her effect of being able to increase offensive power. That one extra health might not seem like much, but the last two campaigns have been introducing treacheries that target allies with damage assigned to them. Alice Luxley can survive one of these being drawn, while Dr. Milan Christopher will be taken out. It's not as minor a thing as it might sound. Often, you will put down those one health allies to lose them halfway through a scenario, while Alice will remain for the entirety if you are lucky.

Bronze · 65
Leo Anderson can’t take Dr. Milan Christopher. — Death by Chocolate · 10
Angered Spirits

Just a note as this is mentioned on the page for Roland's Cover Up weakness, but is not noted here. The same principle applies:

If Akachi is eliminated (by being defeated or taking a resign action) while Angered Spirits is in play, Angered Spirits's Forced effect triggers, as per the FAQ [V1.0, section 'Rulebook errata', topic "Elimination"]: For the purpose of resolving weakness cards, the game has ended for the eliminated investigator. Trigger any “when the game ends” abilities on each weakness the eliminated investigator owns that is in play. Then, remove those weaknesses from the game.”

This is just as tricky to manage for Akachi as it is for Roland, as she already has a lower health value. In campaigns that result in many physical trauma to investigators (The Forgotten Age, for instance), this can put Akachi at a disadvantage to other mystics if not managed carefully.

soakman · 8
Fingerprint Kit

I'm not convinced by this card. While there's something nice about turning any main/off-class seeker into Rex for three actions, this card doesn't represent the best value IMO. Including the action to the play the card, this card generates the equivalent of two actions. It costs a whopping four resources to play and will leave the player 3 resources shorter than if they had Dr. Milan in play and investigated them the old fashioned way.

A magnifying glass costs 1 (or 0) resources, is fast and gives the same Int bonus while investigating. Further, Fingerprint Kit loses value and/or utility on 1-clue locations. The net result of playing this card vs not playing it is 4 resources for 2 clues. 3 resources if one played Magnifying Glass instead, 7 resources if you count the resources not gained from Dr. Milan. It doesn't help on 1 clue locations. I think if it cost less, had more charges, or could get more charges it might represent better value.

In fairness, the net two actions could be used to clear out a location in a single turn, otherwise not possible so there's something to be said for it, but it's so costly and not always guaranteed to be useful, unlike a magnifying glass and Dr. Milan. I think adding more charges to it (Venturer, Emergency Cache (3)) will be a massive boon to this card (tho Venturer does itself cost 4 resources and an action to play and can only be used by main/off-class blues).

The cost does seem a little high. I think it does require ways of adding supplies to be worthwhile (either E-Cache 3, Venturer or Contraband/Contraband 2). It can also do pretty decent work if you have it in a deck with act of desperation to recoup the cost. But outside of those instances it struggles against a Flashlight. It will kill a lot of tempo to play and while most Seekers have gotten an economy book in Crack the Case, it still has some issues. — Myriad · 561
Don’t forget about any resources or cards you might pitch on a high shroud location that you save making one check instead of two. This card reads: Pay four resources and a card to draw three copies of Deduction. It’s pricy but effective - more so with E-Cache3. — Death by Chocolate · 10
In a Minh deck with Milan, Drawing Thin and Scavenging, the finger pring kit is a killer! — mogwen · 72

While this card can be used by guardians as insurance against item destruction on their expensive weapons (lightning gun, timeworn brand), paying the cost of 4 or 5 resources to replay the item could still be problematic ('act of desperation' could mitigate this by giving you resources equal to the item's cost after a successful attack).

A much better use, in my opinion, is to play 'well-maintained' on low-cost and high-value items that are cheap to replay and preferably discard themselves after use. One such item is 'grotesque statue' in the mystic class. Diana Stanley can take both 'well-maintained' and 'grotesque statue'. Once you have a statue in play, the two 'well-maintained' events basically function as extra copies of the statue, so you're functionally playing a Diana deck with 4 copies of 'grotesque statue'! Lola Hayes can take both cards as well, but she needs to be a mystic to trigger the statue and a guardian to trigger 'well-maintained' which might be difficult to achieve consistently.

11zxcvb11 · 1
In addition, while Sleight of Hand + Act of Desperation is already a popular combo. Consider adding Well-maintained. Now that's a pretty big combo (4 cards, counting the high cost item you want to use), but that's some effect. — Phelpsb83 · 1