Purifying Corruption

So first off I don't think this card is very good. 4 cost 4 xp is extremely high and most people would rather not take 1 and 1.

However there are two different decks which may be interested?

Tommy with Spiritual Resolve might be interested in three instances of 1 and 1. Same with anyone who has Peter Sylvestre and Jessica Hyde out -- that turns this card effectively into "skip the next three encounter cards you draw", which is very good.

I personally can't see why you'd ever want to activate the fast ability. Maybe there's something I'm missing here. I guess Tommy or Calvin can use this combo to just take 1 and 1 whenever they want, since nothing exhausts. Not exactly a mind blowing combo but it's something?

KasaiAisu · 32
I was just thinking about this card recently, so I'm glad to see your review asking some questions about it. :-) I think I'm seeing three questions in your review: (1) Is taking 1-and-1 worth it to cancel a treachery for most investigators? (2) Why would you want to use the fast action? (3) Is this card worth 4 resources and 4 XP? I haven’t played with it yet, and here are my answers in this moment… (1) Taking 1-and-1 is likely worth it for some of the worst treacheries, especially those that add doom or make you lose critical assets/cards. Many investigators have allies they are happy to sacrifice to cancel treacheries. (2) The fast action lets you use this card like William T. Maleson if you want to. You can cancel a bad treachery for 1-and-1, then choose to draw a new one to heal 1-and-1. The net result is you traded a known bad treachery for an unknown encounter card that may be easier for you to handle. (3) This is the hard question for me, especially not having played with it myself. — SocialPsientist · 90

Is Dream-gate an encounter card? Seems like it function like one when in play. I asked and Maxine clarified for us:


Good question! In this case, I would say that while Dream-Gate is in play, it is an encounter card, since it is a location and location cards are generally encounter cards. However, while it is set aside and out of play it functions more like a player card, for deckbuilding purposes and the like. So if Gate Box moves you, that is a player card effect moving you, but when Dream-Gate moves you, that would be an encounter card effect moving you.

Hope that helps!

MJ Newman (she/they) Senior Game Designer

CeasR · 14
This is how I have always thought it functioned, as MJ said, locations are encounter cards. most obvious side effect of this is that if you have deny existence in hand, the bad side of the dream gate really just means you have to spend a turn doing rig maintenance, and then discard deny at the end of your turn to escape without taking horror — NarkasisBroon · 1
Dark Ritual

You know what I was really really expecting to see come out of Innsmouth, a higher level dark ritual with one change.

"...Spend 1 resource or release 1 curse sealed here. If there are no tokens sealed on dark ritual discard it."

The main issue with curses is having a lot of them around all at once, if you only have 2 curses about they are nowhere near as deadly and a single false covenant can easily just siphon them out of the bag, having a card that turns a large dumping of them into a slow drip feed would have been really useful, but I guess favor of the moon does that a lot better.

Given how much curse erasing exists just in survivor I don't see why you would run Dark Ritual for that, the biggest and best rogue curse card is Faustian bargain, it seems a little silly to use that and then follow it up with a resource sink.

Using dark ritual for short bursts seems to be the only use case it has, when you have a turn or two where failure can't be tolerated you can throw it down and spend the 2/3 resource cost to keep curses at bay, but even then at level 0 this card still looks poor compared to what tides of fate can do.

I'm trying my hardest to think if there's a reason you'd want curses sealed for the sake of it, like with guardian cards that can grab sealed blesses but I can't think of anything, I like to think every card has some amazing power if used well but for now I concede to Dark ritual.

Its coffin was carved by False covenant and buried with Favor of the moon. I hope like with all cards one day I will see where its power lies, every card is amazing in the right place, this one is probably going to need to see return to Innsmouth before that place arrives.

Zerogrim · 170
This card is honestly fine at level 0, when the Rogue doesn’t yet have cards like Skeptic or Covenant or Favor of the Moon to get around bad curse effects. You will probably want to upgrade out of it, but even just sealing some curses for a turn or two where the tests might be critical for your fellow gators isn’t a bad move at all. Faustian nets 5 resources for your group, so spending 1 or 2 to seal some back seems just fine to me. — StyxTBeuford · 12419
If you're going to play Faustian then seal the curses, group benefits aside you may as well have played an Emergency Cache. Or if you really want to share resources, a Stand Together (0). — suika · 7559
About the only reason I can think of to play this is to help the seeker translate Cryptic Grimoire. — suika · 7559
Yea helping translate the grimore is real handy, and its the obvious deckslot filler for when you want another curse card later down the line, I think the card really only exists so the rogue player who turns out to a table with curses doesn't get boo'd away at level 0. — Zerogrim · 170



Fey is a natural addition to any deck that runs Blasphemous Covenant and Favor of the Moon. Every time you use Favor of the Moon on a skill test, you gain bonus of +3/+4 (or a +5/+7, if you're committing two copies of Fey) and a resource. And Fey returns to hand even if you fail somehow.

Since you're a probably seeker playing Deep Knowledge, it's almost trivial to always keep a Favor of the Moon in play; by the time you've depleted a Favor, you'd probably have the other one in hand from all your draw. It's the most reliable way to handle The King in Yellow yet and an easy inclusion in any Luke/Gloria/Daisy deploying the cursed spell suite. If you're Amanda Sharpe, you can return Fey to your hand to put it under for a second time. This effect is also amazing in the City of Archives.

Outside of such a combo, Fey is rarely worth the 1xp it takes to purchase the card.

suika · 7559
It is neat for Minh! — MrGoldbee · 1032
2xp for two extra copies of unexpected courage that have no restriction on commits sounds pretty amazing to me, I see the curse return effect as a bonus feature not the main event. — Zerogrim · 170
Considering that I usually don't even add Unexpected Courages to decks anymore, I wouldn't pay 2xp more for just 2 more copies, no. — suika · 7559
Spirit Athame

Generally lackluster...but I'm gonna run this card with Favor of the Moon and the curse suite of spells Armageddon, Eye of Chaos, and/or Shroud of Shadows. The hand slot is uncontested for a battlemage, and the +2 skill value cancels out the modifier for the curse token you just released, while guaranteeing your bonus effect from the spell. Then you just pull a token like normal...should make 3-damage strikes (or 2-damage and a recharge) from Armageddon pretty reliable. It's just too bad that either use of the Athame causes it to exhaust, which interferes with repeated hits against a boss, or finishing off a mortally wounded foe. Still, it's a low-XP and only slightly janky way to "cancel" a curse token and gain a resource every turn...

Pinchers · 6
Equip 2! — Time4Tiddy · 149
Generally lackluster?? It’s definitely more ‘boring but (very) practical’. The biggest downside to this card is that they printed arcane research (IMO a way overpowered card). — Difrakt · 995
Exhausting is also a problem. Having 2 in play helps but I’d rather have a swordcane another hand slot — Django · 3425
It has its downsides but it’s still an extra 2 icons on the test you’re most likely to take every turn for 1xp. It doesn’t compete with sword cane, it competes with the innate bonus of level 5 spells, at a minuscule fraction of the cost. — Difrakt · 995
I'd run this OR Sword Cane, but not both. SC lets you hit for 1 damage or evade; an item for mages who DON'T want to fight. This lets you hit for 1 damage, or treat your (level 0 or 3) attack spell as being 2 levels higher, as Difrakt quite rightly pointed out. I wouldn't consider that to be worth 3 resources, a card, an action, and a hand slot if I wasn't running curse tokens. — Pinchers · 6
The level 5 skills provide more action compression and don't require taking another play action, a card, and 3 resources. It's hardly comparable. — suika · 7559
*spells — suika · 7559