Rice's Whereabouts

Somehow, they knew as early as the first scenario of the first full campaign that searching the encounter deck is really hard in true solo. It makes sense to allow solo players to double the search number, especially when clues aren't that easy to get anyway.

But somehow rather than moving forward the design team has moved backward in the years since then. The finales of the dream eaters (side A) and now apparently even of Hemlock Vale (otherwise FANTASTIC for true solo) commit this utterly unfathomable mistake. But why?

Ad Hoc

The two interactions that got me curious with this one are:

  • Pitchfork/Hatchet (1): If you use Ad-Hoc to discard one of those, and the attack hits, does it get discarded (because of Ad-Hoc) or does it get attached to your location/enemy because of the successful attack?
  • Fire Extinguisher: Do you get to use the Fire Extinguishers second ability without the need to Exile it? From my understanding the Exile text is a part of the text that gets ignored.
Longeloe · 1
The Alarm Is Raised

I knew there had to be a Pink Floyd easter-egg in this scenario somewhere, and I was not disappointed. It's small, and subtle, but I'll take it!

Run, rabbit, run. Dig that hole, forget the sun. And when at last, you reach 200 characters, Don't sit down, it's time to click Submit.

rharding13 · 1
Luke Robinson

Ruling from Alex Werner, FFG Game Rules Specialist via the official rules question form:

Question: Let's say that location A is connected to location B which is connected to location C (location C is not directly connected to location A). If Luke Robinson is at location A and plays Shortcut(0) as if he was at location B (using his investigator ability), could he end his turn at location C? If so and location B was unrevealed, would it be revealed?

Answer: Yes; if Luke plays Shortcut while in location A, “as if” in location B, he can move from location A to location C. He does not reveal location B in doing so.

GeneralXy · 35
Plan of Action

Ruling from Alex Werner, FFG Game Rules Specialist via the official rules question form:

Question: If I commit Plan of Action to a skill test during the Mythos Phase, would it only commit for one wild icon?

Answer: No; if you commit Plan of Action during the mythos phase, you would give it 1 willpower and 1 agility icon.

GeneralXy · 35
That ruling is the direct opposite of the one we had before, which said you don't get icons during mythos phase. But i like it, it should give those icons to make it even slightly playable, so i'm glad they changed it! — Blood&gore · 343
This card should have worked like that since day 1 — Jota · 6
I hope they release an errata for this card then. The text on the card is fairly clear: "during or before the first action of __this__ turn". In the mythos phase you're not within any "turn", so this ruling is a direct contradiction to the text on the card itself. — snacc · 946