Espíritu. Táctica.

Coste: 0.
Iconos de habilidad:

Rápido. Juega esta carta después de que un Enemigo te ataque, incluso si ese ataque se canceló.

Combatir. Este ataque tiene como objetivo al Enemigo atacante.

Patrick McEvoy
Nathaniel Cho #12.

The temple guardian breathed down the heavyweight’s neck, but the brawler didn’t stop rubbing chalk on the wall. The patterns were familiar, and familiarity meant safer when you were three miles underground.

The creature was surprised, of course, when it swung a halberd the size of a telephone pole and missed.

When one of its fangs cracked, it retreated into the mists. Humans were tricky.

MrGoldbee · 1265

1 Free reactionary attack. No bonus damage or anything. It's pretty clutch when it's good, but that "good" opportunity Window is rather narrow.

You might have to engage a 3 or 5 health opponent with a 2-damage weapon, and rely on Counterpunch to finish them off.

The only obvious combo is Randall Cho, for anybody else this is probably something that gets cut in deckbuilding.

Tsuruki23 · 2275
It also has synergy with Guard Dogs and Survival Knife (especially the new one) to deal up to 4 actionless damage. And/or with Diana who wants to set up cancels anyways and sometimes has an issue of drawing too many cards and could benefit from a fast/free one if she can otherwise boost her combat enough. — Death by Chocolate · 1197