Eldritch Tongue

With this already out on the table, you can kill any non-Elite enemy in the game with String of Curses and 2 actions and 1 total resource (but you need to have started with 2 resources to make it work.) Play it to auto evade and add the doom, then use Eldritch Tongue to use String of Curses again from your discard pile for the 2nd effect and auto kill it. And you get the 1 resource from the second play back even! Curse them directly into the grave! I'm pretty sure this works since it is not dealing them any damage, just auto defeating them.

Kickface · 22
Yes, this works. And it even puts them in the victory display, should they have victory. There is a particular nice enemy in Hemlock Vale for that tech. — Susumu · 347

Such a weird card that obviously rocks in Finn Edwards.

When to play it? Check if your location has enough clues (better in multiplayer, of course) and a higher shroud value than the enemy's evade value. That's it, you're good to go! Usually with Finn you are a bit better at evading that at investigating, anyway, so Transmogrify lets you gather clues with a higher chance of success and without spending an action.

Combine this with Bait and Switch or Gené Beauregard to milk the attached enemy even further by either moving clues to its location OR bringing it with you as you move to the next location yourself.

AlderSign · 219
Wait...with Transmogrify the enemy cannot move, so only clues can, even from or to the specific enemy's location!! — Piegura · 1
Corrected, thank you. — AlderSign · 219
;-) — Piegura · 1
Esoteric Method

Remember, you can't add more curse tokens to the curse bag if it's already full! Go full cursed/blursed, everyone can carry Dawn Star, Mystics can do silly things with Rod of Carnamagos and taboo'ed Ritual Candles, mitigate with Diabolical Luck, and throw around whatever else you want.

Wait... Amanda, what are you doing? Amanda, no.

Ruduen · 923
Amanda has Promise of Power for 0xp. — MrGoldbee · 1413
Which forces her to eat horror if curses are out. Esoteric Method doesn't. — AlderSign · 219
Blackmail File

Important to note that this is only the second slotless Tome asset ever printed, the first being Schoffner's Catalogue, and that means it earns consideration in exactly one deck: Parallel Daisy Walker! With Daisy's Tote Bag down it's very possible to get up to 7 or 8 on Parallel Front, making this a pretty easy test on Standard and even on Hard for most enemies. And as the other reviews have stated, making an enemy aloof can be more useful than a conventional evade in multiplayer settings, especially on a gator like Daisy who would otherwise be forced into teching in options like Mind over Matter or "I've got a plan!" to enemy manage.

mniksa3 · 4
The main problem is, that you might rather want the original front due to the extra action for using books. — Tharzax · 1
very true, it's a tradeoff between higher willpower or more efficient action economy. and you could easily run fine clothes to make the Parley test easier to stomach with 3 base will. — mniksa3 · 4
While it’s generally true that standard Daisy’s face is better (just as standard Daisy’s back is better), this card is actually the strongest single argument for Parallel / Parallel, as the original review suggests.. I cannot see this finding room in any Standard / Parallel builds. — Eudaimonea · 4
Bianca "Die Katz"

Proof positive that Alessandra is an abusive partner:

TheMathDoc · 12
Plot Twist, Bianca will be the next investigator and Alessandra is her signature weakness — Valentin1331 · 59079