Sala de juego del Clover Club - Reverso

Al aproximaros a la sala de juego, el entrechocar de las fichas de póquer y el ruido de las cartas se ven acompañado por gritos de júbilo y frustración. El escándalo prácticamente ahoga vuestros pensamientos.


Clover Club.

Velo: 3. Pistas: 0

Mientras esté en juego el acto 1, la Sala de juego del Clover Club obtiene:

Gasta 2 recursos: Revela una ficha de Caos aleatoria.

Si es un símbolo , obtén 2 pistas y 2 recursos de la reserva de fichas.

Si es un número par, obtén 2 pistas de la reserva de fichas.

Si es un número impar o un símbolo , , , o , no ocurre nada.”.

Jonny Klein
El legado de Dunwich #73. La casa siempre gana #12.
Sala de juego del Clover Club
Sala de juego del Clover Club


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • 0 is an even number.
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Are blessing/curses an even number or are they a dud draw?

the rules say they have no effect does that mean a null value or does that mean a 0.

I'm playing it that they count as 0's for blessing and curses draw by effects like this, which is good for some stuff, badish for others.

Zerogrim · 288
At my table, "Draw again." — MrGoldbee · 1420
This is a good question, and I'd like to see an official ruling. My sense is that it's a dead draw, though. Here's from the rules: "tokens revealed outside of a skill test have no effect on their own unless otherwise specified by a card effect." No effect, to me, means no modifier at all (including a zero modifier) and no redraw. — Mordenlordgrandison · 433
It is pretty simple. They are a symbol token, but not any of the listed tokens. They are not a number. None of the three listed effects will resolve, so nothing will happen. — Death by Chocolate · 1394
The real question is why is the last sentence written on the card at all? — NarkasisBroon · 10
It was almost certainly added for clarification, but it isn't technically necessary with the way the rules work. I doubt the designers expected to add new tokens back when they started TDL. — Death by Chocolate · 1394