Coste: 1.


Usos (3 suministros).

Gasta 1 suministro, agota los Analgésicos y recibe 1 punto de horror: Cúrate 1 punto de daño.

No supere la dosis recomendada.
Owen William Weber
El museo Miskatonic #117.


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According to the Rules Reference, page 7:

  • If an investigator takes damage or horror as a cost and reassigns any of it to an asset, the cost is still considered paid.

This rule therefore allows Painkillers to work alongside Peter Sylvestre, healing your investigator and putting the horror cost onto Peter to be healed off at the end of your turn. This combo allows typically low-health survivors to tank more effectively, and action-free once both cards are in play, although using up the supply doesn't discard Painkillers so it cannot just be spammed with Scavenging.

What is not immediately clear is just what can be healed. Since the card literally says "heal 1 damage" and doesn't specify from an investigator / ally / story asset / enemy / bulletproof vest, one interpretation is that any damage on any card in any location can be healed... expect errata soon. Or just Grim Rule it.

The_Wall · 275
Official FAQ says; If a card simply reads “Heal X horror” or “Heal X damage,” you can only use it to heal horror or damage from your investigator. — kotsume · 1
Yes, by default the keyword "heal" only applies to your investigator. If it ever says to choose an investigator "at your location" then it can be used on anyone at that location. If it specifically mentions healing an "ally" then it can be used on an ally. So far only Emergency Aid allows this. — masonproulx · 70
Can you use it with Agnes Baker — Behne · 1
Can you use it with Agnes Baker even if you have Not taken any health-damage? To suffer only the sanity-damage to trigger your character ability? — Behne · 1
'@Behne' You cannot pay a cost if the effect will not change the game state (RR under "Costs"). The effect is "Heal 1 damage", so no, you must have one damage to heal to use it. — CSerpent · 125