Coste: 1.


Límite de 1 por investigador.

Cuando comience tu turno, si no hay otros investigadores en tu Lugar: Obtén 1 recurso.

"No me importa ir por mi cuenta. Es cuando mejor hago mi trabajo."
Adam Lane
Sangre en el altar #188.
Lobo solitario


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This might at first seem a card that's great in solo play but is not well suited to multiplayer. Now, it shines the brightest in solo play (duh), but I think it is excellent even at higher player counts.

Consider that this card does not need to activate every single round to generate a useful profit. Most scenarios last maybe 13-14 turns on average (some are a little longer, some a little shorter). If you drop this on turn 1 and manage to collect on it 60% of the time, you're getting 7-8 resources for the initial investment of 1 card, 1 resource, and 1 action. That's excellent.

And I'd say 60% is a conservative estimate. In most scenarios, there's enough space on the map that you can split up. Indeed, it is very often the correct strategy to do so. Furthermore, you only have to begin your turn alone. The flexible turn order of Arkham Horror really helps here. You can end your turn at the same location as your buddy, and then have your friend go first and move on to the next location. This is an easy way to collect Lone Wolf money while still teaming up with other investigators. My friend used this card as Rex in a 3-player runthrough of the Dunwich campaign; when he had it in play, I estimate he was collecting 80% of the time. If you can do anything near that, this card is excellent.

There are a handful of scenarios (in particular, The Gathering and Essex County Express) in which everyone is necessarily clustered together for most or all of the scenario. In these situations, Lone Wolf is indeed going to be pretty useless. In that case, just mulligan it out of your starting hand. If you draw it later, use it for the agility icon. (Adaptable may also be helpful here.)

Obviously, you need a plan for spending your massive pool of resources. I recommend the skill-boosting permanents (Keen Eye, Streetwise, Scrapper, Higher Education). These cards are already great, but Lone Wolf really takes them to the next level.

CaiusDrewart · 3046
Also remember that this cards effect is optional, if you dont want to gain more ressources, to keep dark horse and fire axe online. — Django · 4975

Even in multiplayer this card still almost work as well as solo. The trick is about invertigator order.

Example : even your play style is to glue together and start round at same location. Just let your friend start turn first and move away. So "when your turn begin, there are no investigator"

Poor Lone Wolf. So fast to get lonely.

Pawley · 25

This is a great card for the solo investigator with extra deck space. In a solo game I'dd consider it autotake for characters with access to rouge as primary or secondary cards, and a worthwhile consideration for dipper characters like Rex and, Zoey.

The math behind this card indicates that you need to play it early enough to trigger it 5 times to be worth the deck slot in that game.

Playing the card sets you back the resource you might have gained by spending an action, netting you -2 resources, the baseline resource card is Emergency cache, IE, to be worth the slot, Lone wolf needs to trigger over five turns minimum. Note that Lone wolf may still be worth playing even if there are less than 5 turns remaining as listed below.

Further math: If you draw this late then this is the card's exact resource value depending on the remaining turn amount: 5 turns: +3. 4 turns: +2. 3 turns: +1. 2 turns: +-0. 1 turn: -1. 0 turns: -2.

Ideally you draw this card early or midway through, triggering it 6+ times, the odds of this are high if you consciously mulligan for it, in which case the card is definitely worth it's precious slot. An opening hand Lone wolf will be netting you gains of 7+ resources, on par or better than the XP intensive Hot streak. Playing it before the last 4-5 turns is still worth it for the credit gain but at that point the card is being played inefficiently.

Tsuruki23 · 2487
i think your math is a bit off. EC isn't a fast play so it takes up the same action you're counting for the 1 resource basic action. the spread is 4 turns — stetson · 3

Great solo play card. Makes any rogue equal to Jenny and allows Jenny to buy herself out of any trouble. Maybe even consider it as a splash for all the Dunwhich investigators... but two out of five cards is a lot to pay.

Very interested in how this turns out in our 4 player game.. teamwork? Phfffftt

Mark5n · 7
it it one per deck or one in play? — Jenemai · 61
One in play for each investigator. — rbeall88 · 3
I haven't tested this card ye, but i suspect the earlier you draw it, the more effective it is. It's hard to quantify the value of this card for example compared to emergency cache, where you have fixed costs and ressource gain. — Django · 4975