Cost: 1.
Test Icons:

Rápido. Juega esta carta sólo durante tu turno.

Pon en juego un Apoyo Objeto desde tu mano. Al final de tu turno, si ese Apoyo sigue en juego, devuélvelo a tu mano.

Ilich Henriquez
El camino a Carcosa #29.
Truco de manos
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • If you use Sleight of Hand to put Jenny's Twin .45s into play, you never pay the cost so you never specify what X is. (“If X is not defined, its value is equal to 0.” RR, page 22) Same goes for while Jenny’s Twin .45s are in your hand. After it is played, its cost is no longer defined, so it reverts back to being undefined (“X”, or “0”). Essentially, the cost of Jenny’s Twin .45s is only defined while you are playing it.
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I'd like to see someone hide the Chicago Typewriter up their sleeve! Whip that bad boy out, unload on a mob of goons at your location, then after the smoke clears and your stepping over the corpses, just return it to your hand! Awesome card!

FractalMind · 11
For me the main problem is that it doesn't work with Jenny's guns. — Magnificate · 681
Alternately, with Lightning Gun in a Zoey Deck. Bzzzzzzzzzzzt! — HollowsHeart · 12
This and Grotesque Statue? — XehutL · 27
Pretty disappointing that a card that has such excellent theme/flavor for rogue stuff like Jenny's guns, ends up being more desired for pulling out gigantic, awkward weapons like the Lightning Gun or Chicago Typewriter. Seems like a bit of a miss, thematically speaking. Not that it's a bad card, quite the opposite, I'd argue that it's too good, and it being a level 0 card and available to non-rogues who will likely desire it (see above) further waters down its class identify, in my opinion. — gionazzo · 44
This card is great in Zoey with Shotgun or Lightning Gun. Incredible power, value, and flexibility. — Low_Chance · 4
Lupara. That is all. — Batra · 1
Can't wait to use Wendy to pull the Typewriter out and reuse it again. — AquaDrehz · 1
Wendy can't include Chicago Typewriter in her deck. — Indog · 1
Lupara and Derringer, with some value with a flashlight. One of the best rogue cards, if not the best, waiting for more combos to come. — Fishiste · 2

Most people think guns when they think about this card, but imagine Rex Murphy pulling Strange Solution (Acidic Ichor) out of his sleeves, dealing 9 damage, and be ready to play that card normally the next round! Also great with a Flashlight.

Ezhaeu · 16
I have made a build for Rex containing this cards. — Clash77 · 57

Gotta love this card. It's use depends on the exact character you are playing, but the overall utility is the same:

Play a weapon with ammo and use it for one round cheaply.

Obviously the card isn't bad when used to cheat out a less powerful weapon (.45 Automatic for example) cheaply and when you really need it.

The main downside to Sleight of Hand is that, if you have no worthy weapon in hand, or draw it too late and your weapons are already in play, then this card is totally useless. You really need to have a reasonable selection of weapons to choose from or ways to tutor them like Backpack or Prepared for the Worst.

The best case scenario for this card is super rewarding, but the worst case scenario (playing it for just the lone icon) really evens things out.

Tsuruki23 · 384
This card is also problematic if the required slot is occupied. — Django · 1813

Sefina Rousseau, This, and Ornate Bow = potential 15 damage for 5 resources and 2 extra actions. Back her up with Backstab, and Sefina can now deliver that 3 damage burst pretty consistently (and cheaper than ever). I can't think of another investigator this would be better on.

crymoricus · 169
Could you explain you calculation? — Django · 1813
I think the calculation is: Sleight of Hand underneath Sefina, Ornate Bow + 3 Paint the World = 3 attacks of 3 damage, then Ornate Bow + 2 Sleight of Hand = 2 attacks of 3 damage. Total is 5 attacks (at one resource each from Sleight of Hand cost) for 15 damage. — everyoneknowsitswendy · 1
Okay, so you mean spread out across 5 separate turns? That is a good value in terms of resources, but not in terms of tempo. Personally I think Sleight of Hand + Lupara or Chicago Typewriter is way better than the Ornate Bow. — Faranim · 161