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Revelación - Si no hay ninguna copia de Camisa de fuerza en tu zona de amenaza, pon en juego la Camisa de fuerza en tu zona de amenaza como un Apoyo que ocupa 1 espacio de cuerpo y dos espacios de mano. Devuelve a tu mano todos los Apoyos que estén en esos espacios. Esta carta no puede abandonar el juego excepto mediante la siguiente capacidad:

: Descarta la Camisa de fuerza.

"¿Qué estáis haciendo? ¡No estoy loco!"
Stephen Somers
El juramento inconfesable #185. El juramento inconfesable #30-31.
Camisa de fuerza


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Straitjacket vs The King in Yellow or The Necronomicon: if you have Straitjacket in play and draw either of the signature weaknesses that currently take up hand slots, or vice versa, the revelation effect is completed and the book is put into play. At that point, your slots are 'overloaded' but 'cannot' is absolute: Straitjacket 'cannot leave play' except by , and the signature weaknesses 'cannot leave play' except by effects described on the cards. So both remain in play.
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It is but a short step between the time this card hits you and when your permanent stay at an asylum begins. You better hope you have a Ward of Protection or Forewarned in your hand. Not only will this cost you two actions but you'll have to pay actions and resources to put out any hand and body items that were forced back in your hand.

GeneralXy · 37
You are quoting Daisy here, aren't you? Most other casters of "Ward of Protection" rather save it for "Sign of Hastur", "Corrosion" or (if they have level 2) another players "Straitjacket". — Susumu · 347
Or be a mage. — MrGoldbee · 1413
I tech against this card by not using my hand slot assets in Unspeakable Oath. Instead, I use arcane assets, events and skills for enemy handling and clue here. Also, evasion is entirely viable for enemy handling in this scenario. There aren't many hunters here (except for the Monsters that show up extremely late in the scenario) and the Humanoid enemies only have 1 or 2 evades. Sometimes I end up playing Hand slot assets, but I usually only play low cost ones, or ones with limited uses (flashlight/old keyring/scroll of secrets), of which I'm usually not sad if they get bounced. — PowLee · 20
That's what I meant to say: while a Mystic can use good cards in their hand (and body) slot as well, they are the easiest to get away without playing any cards in these slots. In particular with knowledge of the campaign, you unlikely will make "True Magick" or the like your priority upgrade before TUO. In a multiplayer run, you might actually want to wear the jacket till the end. There are several occasions, when the encounter discard gets reshuffled into the deck, and others will likely be hit much more severe by this card. — Susumu · 347
Yes, but I think that the effect of this treachery is strongly overestimated. Especially when one assumes the current cardpool. It can catch you off-guard on your blind run. but even investgators without treachery mitigation can afford going through UO without hand slot items. — PowLee · 20
There are sure investigators, who are severely handycapped by this card. Sure you can build around it. But lets not forget, it's a center scenario in a campaign. You won't change your whole deck after EotP for it. Rogues might swap a couple of level 0 cards with Adaptable, Guardians delay their big guns for SttP, BC (2) and a few other great cards. But the fact, that you take it into account for your deck building, shows, that it's NOT overestimated, except for purple of course. — Susumu · 347
Most decks can't just choose not to play Hand slot items for the entire game. Guardians need guns, Rogues need lockpicks, Seekers want magnifying glasses and such... it's impractical to say "just don't play hand items". Some team compositions can get away with that, if your decks are mostly based on events/skills or you're a Mystic and/or you have a good evader, but most will have to play some. It's good to limit the amount you play out, but this is still going to hurt even if it "just" hits your Lockpicks or Machete. That's costing you 2 actions to get rid of this, an action to play back your card, and however many resources it costs. Or maybe you do hold off until you absolutely need to play your weapon, then you draw this in the middle of a fight or as your teammates draw a big monster - it's debilitating. You can play around it, but Straitjacket is quite a bit more damaging than the average encounter card. Just the fact that you consider playing around it, both during the scenario AND during deckbuilding shows how scary it is. — Soul_Turtle · 424
UO is a very low combat scenario if you are clearing it rapidly, and its designed so that you tend to get the maniacs in a cluster and then it is quiet till monsters, so losing a weapon as guardian is NBD (especially as beat cop is super strong vs the maniacs). Straightjacket's main issue is its an action tax in a scenario with a lot of movement based action taxes if you really want to get it off. But if you split up suddenly you have all the time in the world, and you will get out well before the monsters even show up. I have seen guardians just decide to keep it on for half the scenario just because you really want to spend your early time as guardian clearing the low shroud 'remember' locations. — dezzmont · 203
Dans un premier temps et dans mes souvenirs, je trouvais cette carte vraiment dangereuse...mais aujourd'hui, si je suis un combattant, j'ai mes soutiens arme pour faire la majorité des combats mais je complète avec des évé pense notamment à lame spectrale (mais d'autres événements sont intéressants)...lame spectrale compléte bien les decks combattants car elle permet d'engager un ennemi distant, c'est un sort et donc permet de gérer des peut dans ce cas là, gérer des combats le temps de remettre ses soutiens en jeu (car ils sont remis en main et pas défausser!!)..ce que je veux dire, c'est qu'il ne faut ni compter que sur des soutiens, ni que sur des événements car il y a plein de traitrises qui peuvent nous neutraliser un jour ou l'autre... — Toto1687 · 1