Coste: 1.
Iconos de habilidad:
Salud: 2. Cordura: 2.

Sólo para el mazo de Calvin Wright.

Pueden asignarse daño directo y horror directo a Hasta el final del tiempo.

Firme e inflexible, se mantenía resuelto a desafiar su destino.
Anthony Devine
La era olvidada #15.
Hasta el final del tiempo

I love this card. The art? Fantastic. The name? Flavorful. The flavor text? One of my favorites. And this effect is just amazing for Calvin, allowing you to get 2&2 soak for just 1 resource. You get to live close to the edge, boosting your skill values to incredibly heights, knowing that even a treachery that deals direct damage or horror won't defeat you.

Slam dunk, 10/10 card, one of the best signatures.

Cpt_nice · 74