Plan. Stage 1
Doom: 5. Clues: –
Somehow you have awoken in a futuristic city, inhabited by odd alien creatures beyond your imagining. You must explore this strange place if you are to find a way out, but your new body is difficult to get used to.

Investigators cannot put Item assets into play (including Item weaknesses).

Cristina Vela
La Ciudad de los Archivos #238. The City of Archives #2.
City of the Great Race

The Replicator - Back

As you traverse these strange halls, you come across a chamber you hadn't noticed before. It is filled with trinkets and items of all kinds from various civilizations. Many of them match the descriptions you have given to the city's inhabitants - descriptions of the equipment you had on your person when you first encountered the creatures. Have they somehow replicated the objects you had with you? You take what you can find and continue exploring.

Each investigator searches the top 9 cards of his or her deck for up to 2 Item assets and draws them. Shuffle each searched deck. (Note: Investigators are now able to put Item assets into play.)

Shuffle the encounter discard pile into the encounter deck.

If The Custodian is in play and not controlled by an investigator, move it to the location with the most clues on it.

City of the Great Race

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