She Who Signed the Black Book


Monster. Geist. Witch. Elite.

Combatir: 1. Salud: 1. Evitar: 3.
Daño: 1. Horror: 2.

Hunter. Retaliate.

Do not remove doom from Nahab when the agenda advances.

Nahab gets +X fight, where X is the number of the current agenda.

Forced - After the enemy phase begins, if Nahab is ready: Place 1 doom on her.

El nombre secreto #149. El nombre secreto #37.
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: In the scenario Return to The Secret Name, there are two locations that can add/remove tokens to/from Nahab while she is in an out of play area, Library of Ebla and The Price Manor. These do not specify which out of play areas are legal areas for cards to hold tokens so what is the intended resolution for adding tokens to Nahab if she is in the encounter discard pile or the encounter deck? There are a number of scenarios that rely on cards in out of play areas (set aside, victory display, special areas) being able to host cards so are the rules for cards in decks and discard piles different in some fashion? A: Nahab is physically unable to hold tokens if she is in the encounter deck or encounter discard pile, so you would not place tokens on Nahab if she were in those places. You can, however, place tokens on Nahab if she is set-aside, such as at the very beginning of the scenario.
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