Acto. Stage 3
Pistas: –
Spiraling stairs descend below for what seems like an infinity.

Do not draw cards from the encounter deck during the mythos phase.

Objective - If each investigator is at The Enchanted Path, immediately advance.

Julian Kok
Los devoradores de sueños #43. Más allá de las Puertas del Sueño #5.
The Final Descent

Into Enchantment - Reverso

When you reach the base of the stairway, you find yourself in an otherworldly oak forest. The forest floor is thick with countless years of fallen leaves, and you are surrounded by glowing fungi of all shapes and sorts. The soil is pierced with gnarled roots, and the trees are strangled by invasive vines. A winding dirt path leads deeper into the woods.

Each investigator loses all of their clues.

Your slumber grows deeper. Add 1 token to the chaos bag for the remainder of the campaign.

Remove each Steps location from the game.

Randomly choose 6 of the set-aside Enchanted Woods locations to put into play. Remove the other copy from the game.

Shuffle all of the remaining set-aside scenario cards, except for Laboring Gug and Randolph Carter (Expert Dreamer), to form the encounter deck. (From now on, investigators draw cards from the encounter deck during each mythos phase, as normal.)

The Final Descent

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