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A heavy, ominous feeling haunts you as you explore St. Mary’s Hospital. Its halls are eerily dark and empty of everything but the occasional orderly making the late-night rounds. Lights flicker, and shadows seem to dart from corner to corner. The hospital’s maze of corridors has begun to take on an almost dreamlike haziness. You notice yet another spider crawling up your leg and brush it away, wondering what is causing them to appear so often.
Robert Laskey
Los devoradores de sueños #64. Pesadilla consciente #2.
Halls of St. Mary's

Unsettling Developments - Reverso

As you continue to explore the hospital, the oddities you have observed become more and more frequent. Thick, dark cobwebs now cover the corners of every room. Spiders crawl along the walls and the ceilings, emerging from seemingly nowhere and vanishing just as quickly. It's not just your imagination - an infestation of spiders has taken root within the hospital. And not just any spiders: they are larger than average, with long, jagged, barbed legs and great hairy abdomens. Perhaps even more worrying is the complete lack of hospital staff roaming the halls. Aside from several wary and frightened orderlies, you see no other staff members, not even any nurses or doctors. Where has everyone gone?

Shuffle the set-aside Spiders encounter set and each set-aside copy of Outbreak into the encounter deck, along with the encounter discard pile.

Draw the set-aside The Infestation Begins story card and resolve its text.

Halls of St. Mary's

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