Acto. Stage 1
Pistas: 4.
Something is wrong with your companions, and while medical science has come far, it can’t account for what is happening to them. You’ve decided to take it upon yourself to figure out what is wrong and set things right.
Borja Pindado
Los devoradores de sueños #67. Pesadilla consciente #5.
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A Promising Lead - Reverso

From hospital records and snippets of hushed conversation, you are able to glean that there was recently another patient in the hospital whose condition closely mirrored that of your friends. After being comatose for weeks, the patient abruptly and inexplicably awakened just this morning. Baffled, the doctors have quarantined the patient somewhere in the basement of the hospital, below the eastern ward.

Put the set-aside Stairwell and Basement Door locations into play.

Check the current agenda.

- If it is agenda 2 or 3, make an infestation test.

- If it is agenda 1, immediately advance to agenda 2.

Looking for Answers

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