Place 1 damage token on the location with the most clues (the 2 locations with the most clues if there are 3 or 4 investigators in the game). For the remainder of the scenario, damage tokens on locations represent the spreading infestation. Each location with a damage token on it is an "infested" location.

Create a separate bag consisting of the following tokens: , , , , , , . (If you do not have a second bag, use a cup, bowl, or other opaque container.) This is the infestation bag, and these are infestation tokens. They are not chaos tokens.

Some abilities will instruct the players to make an infestation test. An infestation test may cause the infestation to spread to other locations or endanger investigators at infested locations. To resolve an infestation test, an investigator must reveal a random infestation token from the infestation bag, and resolve the effects for that token as indicated on the other side of this card.

Flip this card over and place it next to the scenario reference card.

Los devoradores de sueños #78. Pesadilla consciente #16.
The Infestation Begins...

Infestation Test - Reverso


Use these results only when revealing infestation tokens from the infestation bag.

: Set this token aside. Search the encounter deck and discard pile for a Spider enemy and spawn it at the infested location nearest to any investigator.

: Set this token aside.

: Set this token aside. Choose a location connected to an infested location. That location becomes infested (place a damage token on it to mark this.). Then, if there are 2 or more tokens set aside, return all set-aside infestation tokens to the infestation bag.

The Infestation Begins...

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