Acuerdo. Maldito.

Coste: –. PX: 2.


Permanente. Límite de 1 Acuerdo por mazo.

Cuando un investigador que esté en tu Lugar revele una ficha durante una prueba de habilidad, agota el Acuerdo blasfemo: Trata el modificador de esa ficha como +1 en lugar de como su modificador normal. Después de que acabe esta prueba, devuelve esa ficha a la bolsa de caos.

Tiziano Baracchi
Hasta el cuello #113.
Acuerdo blasfemo


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While the Ancient Covenant makes Bless tokens better but doesn't preserve them, this significantly improves Curse tokens (effectively a +3 to the skill test) but puts the token back into the bag where it can be drawn again (if immediately, blasphemies may occur, which seems only appropriate).

Is this a good card? Maybe? If the bag has a lot of Curse tokens in it, this only briefly and weakly addresses the problem. With only a few, it probably hedges a roll. We willll have to see the entire Curse token tech suite to know for sure.

I think it helps to translate the Cryptic grimoire: you add [cursed] tokens in the bag as quick as possible but if you reveal them during tests, they are removed from the bag. With Blasphemous covenant, you improve your chances to keep them in the bag. — AlexP · 245
Maybe? That would be a pretty focused use for a Permanent, though. I'm definitely anticipating the new mechanics to see how this all works (even if the tokens won't feature in scenarios outside of the Innsmouth Conspiracy. — LivefromBenefitSt · 1034
It seems virtually certain at this point that curse and bless will be driven almost entirely by investigator cards and hence feature in any scenario. — Whitemage · 3
And you have to draw another token, which may as well be the blasphemes tentacles, damn it. — rexhaha · 1
I think it's been suggested that Bless and Curse will only appear in Innmouth packs, since they would have to reprint the counter set for players who hadn't bought TIC. — LivefromBenefitSt · 1034
Better in solo! — MrGoldbee · 1420
why is this better in solo? — Makaramus · 5
Ancient Covenant indirectly helps preserve blessings by preventing them from colliding. — OrionJA · 1
Fewer tests — MrGoldbee · 1420
Yeah, in solo it might be close to "curses are just another +1". — Nils · 1
Do you still pull another token after reveling a curse token with this covenant in play? — hun · 1
@hun Yes, you'll reveal as many tokens as necessary for the skill test to resolve. You put this particular token back in the bag after the test ends. — SGPrometheus · 776
So, this card: — Innsmouth Conspirator · 57
So, this card 1) replaces the first Curse token's modifier to +1, 2) doesn't stop the Curse token from drawing more tokens 3)any additional Curse tokens drawn during the same skill test are -2 and doesn't get the +1 modifier. Really weak if this is the case. I'd rather run Paradoxical in Kohaku decks. — Innsmouth Conspirator · 57

The trigger is rigt after you draw the token or you can trigger it at the end of the test ? Here is my point :

  • Draw a curse
    • Case 1 : Have to choose to trigger, so do i (+1)
    • case 2 : Wait until the end of the test
  • Draw auto fail
    • Case 1: I have screw my blasphemous Covenant
    • Case 2 :I just dont trigger it

Which case is the good one ?

Sasuken · 31
You must trigger this card immediately upon revealing the curse token. You cannot wait until the end of the test. — snacc · 971