Coste: 0. PX: 3.
Iconos de habilidad:

Usos (0 secretos).

Los secretos que haya en el Hilo de Ariadna se pueden gastar como si estuvieran en cualquier Apoyo controlado por un investigador que esté en tu Lugar.

Agota El hilo de Ariadna: Mueve 1 secreto de un Apoyo que controles a tu reserva de recursos como recurso, o viceversa.

Tom Garden
Hacia el remolino #304.
El hilo de Ariadna

There are a lot of Seeker cards that you would gladly forego your auto-resource to add a secret to, and this enables that interaction. I can mostly think of tomes so Daisy will love this, but some of those tomes are powerful enough that any seeker will take them, and this is akin to a third or fourth copy of those cards (or a second copy for the Necronomicon). There's also plenty of non-tome secret cards this benefits as well, making a secret-based deck more viable.

SGPrometheus · 739
Also very good in a deck using Mr Rook and Astounding Revelation. With this card effectively turning resources into secrets at a rate of 1 per turn, you can effectively get unlimited deck searches, which is ridiculous. I'd live to use this combo in a Mandy (Mystic) deck, to make use of Quantum Flux and Enraptured to create a super-reliable deck where you're never short of the cards you need. — Dam13n · 10
This is a dream combo with The Necronomicon (from Harvey Walters deck). It adds +1 secret per turn to necronomicon. Or even better, when you charge it first your Necronomicon can come later with +8 secrets (6 damage). — Kozz84 · 1

I think that upgrading this card is one of the valuable way to spend 2xp in arkham horror LCG.

Here is Ariadne's Twine 1xp version.


Asset. Arcane

Cost: 3. XP: 1.
Test Icons:

Uses (0 secrets).

Secrets on Ariadne's Twine can be spent as if they were on any asset controlled by an investigator at your location.

Exhaust Ariadne's Twine: Move 1 secret from an asset you control to your resource pool, as a resource, or vice versa.

The Unspeakable Oath #154.

elkeinkrad · 462
I think raising the costs is to easy for this especially if you consider that most off-classes can take it (think about Luke with Diana an deny existence). I would change the cost per secret. Additionally you can change it so your are the only user. — Tharzax · 1
Reading carefully is essential. I missed that you have changed the trigger. I think it's OK, but nevertheless I would change it so that only you can use the secrets — Tharzax · 1
I forgot already spending 1 resource for 3xp version so that I edit the cost :) — elkeinkrad · 462
Good catch. — MrGoldbee · 1387
With it costing an action to move secrets, this card is basically unusable — PanicMoon · 2
It doesn't cost an action..... — tasman · 1