Talento. Compostura.

Coste: 0. PX: 3.

Salud: 3. Cordura: 1.

Rápido. Límite de 1 Compostura en juego.

Recibes +1 y +1 .

El daño y/u horror que no sea directo debe ser asignado a Arrojo antes de que pueda ser asignado a tu carta de Investigador.

Gasta 1 recurso: Recibes +1 o +1 para esta prueba de habilidad.

Jeff Lee Johnson
Los confines de la Tierra Expansión de investigadores #56.
  • Moxie (1) (Echoes of the Past #111)


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A major improvement from the original composure set. The new composures included in End of the Earth are, in my opinion, auto includes. 2 constant stat boosts, 0 cost, soak, slotless, a way to spend resources you don't need, and to top it all off it doesn't even cost an action to play. All you need is a way to find it in your deck, and as long as you can protect that 1 damage/horror that will send it to your discard then it can stay in play all game, easier said for Survivors probably. Much like the original versions, I personally think moxie and Plucky are two of the stronger ones as they help protect against treacheries and can help with monsters/clues respectively. Rogues really can get a lot of treachery protection out of moxie especially if you can generate a lot of resources (and which rogue can't). And honestly, who doesn't love the art for this card? Save the puppy!

Tay5967 · 18
Agreed. Way too strong. Even if they didn't give passive bonuses they'd probably still see play as a fast, costless soak. — flamebreak · 19
I guess that non-direct damage/horror Must be assigned to moxie. My Reading is that this Kind of damage/horror couldn‘t assign to allys or other cards like e.g. Elder Sign Amulet. Or I am wrang? — Baseliner · 61
@Baseliner The effect only happens of you choose to assign non-direct damage/horror onto your investigator card you MUST first put them on Moxie (as well as all other Composure card); such effect doesn't prevent you from assign the damage or horror on other assets such as, allies. — IvanYHYu · 6
@IvanYHYu: Thank you — Baseliner · 61