Guardián Buscador

Inspiración. Táctica.

Coste: 1. PX: 1.
Iconos de habilidad:

Elige un enemigo que esté en cualquier Lugar que no sea el tuyo. Muévete dos veces hacia ese Enemigo o bien descubre 1 pista en cualquier Lugar vacío que haya entre el Enemigo elegido y tú, siguiendo el camino más corto para alcanzar ese Enemigo.

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Billy Norrby
Los confines de la Tierra Expansión investigadores #84.
Tras el rastro
  • On the Trail (3) Los confines de la Tierra Expansión investigadores #85

This card is a bit underwhelming. 1 card + 1 resource + 1 action for 2 Moves is not break even. And you pay 1XP for this...

Compared to Scout Ahead it is just not good. It is more situational, costs XP and moves you less far.

The 3XP version is even less interesting as you will always feel like wasting it if you don't get 2 clues out of it...

Valentin1331 · 18927
1$ clue in guardian or a 2x move? Good flexibility1 — MrGoldbee · 1297
+1, I'm trying to build a solo Nath Cho deck and this card seems mandatory right off the bat, even considering I'll be required to take "In the thick of it" to start with 2 of them. — tom1017 · 20

From the blue perspective, this is:

  • 1 of 5 events that gets a testless clue, each with a conditional requirement. This only requires there be an enemy to select and a clue available.
  • 1 of 5 events that moves the investigator, each with a conditional requirement. This only requires there be an enemy to select.
  • Allows the investigator to choose either.
  • Is insight and tactic traited allowing interaction with Stick to the Plan, Sleuth, or other cards outside of guardian.

For 1 xp and 1 credit this is playable for either option, for the flexibility to choose either, this is a bargain. This is also more valuable in lower player counts (solo or 2P) than in higher player counts (3P or 4P) as the value of 1 clue diminishes along with player count and investigators are less specialized.

From an orange perspective, this is a multi-class splash card that is likely more appealing to non-seekers than to seekers. Seekers generally prefer not to move towards an enemy. Seekers have better options available for either mode.

4649matt · 2
In low player counts, the circumstances to use the clue option seem exceedingly rare. — housh · 141
The math on the card is fine, but it's difficult to play, especially in lower player counts. The problem enemies usually spawn on top of you and as a guardian, you generally aren't evading. I took it through Edge of the Earth and even put it on Stick to the Plan and never, not once was it played. There was always something better to do with my turn. I like the theme, but this card is really unwieldy. — LaRoix · 1605