Apoyo. Arcano


Coste: 2.


Usos (4 cargas).

Puedes jugar Eventos con "Negociar" desde tu pila de descartes como si estuvieran en tu mano. Como coste adicional para jugar un Evento de este modo, gasta 1 carga de Lengua arcana. Después de que ese Evento se resuelva, retíralo de la partida.

Romana Kendelic
La fiesta del Valle de la Cicuta Expansión de investigadores #128.
Lengua arcana


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Can you use Eldritch Tongue to play Snitch from your discard pile? A: Yes, you can play Snitch from your discard pile with Eldritch Tongue. (January 2024)
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This card is bonkers for parley decks. For only 2 resources and an action (and a slot that you were propably not going to use) you get to "add" to your hand all your parley events in your discard pile. For decks that don't have a lot of draw this can be extremely valuable. Snitch, Vamp, Grift and Beguile are the prime candidates for Eldritch Tongue. Nevertheless, any other parley event should be fit. I have found myself always happy to play this card, give it a try!

Fluxway · 107
"String of Curses" is extreamly nice, too. You can first add a doom to an enemy and gain a clue, then defeat that enemy. It's restricted to non-elites, but there are some, that are pretty chunky in the game, and you even get VP from it, should it have any, because it counts as defeat. Our Alessandra player in Hemlock Vale loved it! — Susumu · 351
Playing Beguile with Eldritch Tongue is pointless because it gets removed from the game immediately — OrionAnderson · 48
@OrionAnderson do they though? I thought so too but the FAQ from De Vermis Mysteriis would suggest otherwise — Nenananas · 250

With this already out on the table, you can kill any non-Elite enemy in the game with String of Curses and 2 actions and 1 total resource (but you need to have started with 2 resources to make it work.) Play it to auto evade and add the doom, then use Eldritch Tongue to use String of Curses again from your discard pile for the 2nd effect and auto kill it. And you get the 1 resource from the second play back even! Curse them directly into the grave! I'm pretty sure this works since it is not dealing them any damage, just auto defeating them.

Kickface · 22
Yes, this works. And it even puts them in the victory display, should they have victory. There is a particular nice enemy in Hemlock Vale for that tech. — Susumu · 351
Can you double,double events played from the discard with eldrish tongue or do they get removed from the game before DD reaction? — Ramun · 378