Acto. Stage 1
Pistas: 2.
Six stone pillars surround the entrance to the cavern, each carved with a series of uncanny grooves and hieroglyphs that form an intricate pattern. Touching them causes the grooves to glow brightly, and twisting them causes the patterns to shift and change. Perhaps these patterns match the glyphs found in other regions of the rainforest?

Objective - When the investigators have collected the requisite number of clues, they must immediately spend them and advance.

Michele Frigo
Regreso a La era olvidada #46. Regreso a Columnas del juicio #2.
A Familiar Pattern

The Winged Serpent
The Fury of Yig


Monster. Serpent. Elite.

Combatir: 4. Salud: –. Evitar: 4.
Daño: 1. Horror: 1.

Spawn - Mouth of K'n-yan.

Hunter. Massive.

Cannot be defeated. Cannot make attacks of opportunity.

Forced - If there are 5 or more damage on this enemy, or after a pillar token is placed on the Mouth of K'n-yan: Heal all damage from this enemy and exhaust it. It does not ready during the upkeep phase this round.

Stephen Somers
Regreso a La era olvidada #46. Regreso a Columnas del juicio #2.
The Winged Serpent

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