Roland and Alice the Shutterbugs

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phillosmaster · 108

Theme: Roland and his partner Alice having already encounter the strange and unusual. They've decided to continue their investigation with camera in hand in hopes they will bring back evidence of their findings to their superiors. Alice being the cool rational one needed some convincing, but when Roland dispatched a ghoul with his enchanted blade it was hard for Alice to deny what was right in front of her face.

Description: I was sitting in the barber shop as my son got his haircut and was thinking to myself I really wanna make Alice and Roland work. I went to see if anyone had done it on ArkhamDB yet. I saw Matt88 recently put up his "Roland and Alice do some Police work" deck. I thought I'd give it a shot as well.

I think the deck speaks for itself. Get weapon in hand investigate till enemies come out then use Alice's ability when needed to ping damage to conserve ammo. The deck should get plenty of opportunities to use her ability.

With Milan on the taboo list Roland needs to find other ways to make money. Therefore I included Crack The Case, which is thematic for him. The deck's first experience purchase should be Stick To The Plan and Ever Vigilant. Replace a Crack The Case. You won't need so much money if you get a good start from that combo. Once you do that the mulligan is just to get three assets to play turn one. You can mulligan your weapons away potentially if you put Prepare for the Worst on Stick To The Plan. Just mulligan for some combo of Alice, Tooth and/or the Camera. Though it's preferable to use Ever Vigilant turn one if you can.

With Machete on the Taboo List hopefully Alice's ability with the bonus from Enchanted Blade will be enough most times to take out weak enemies without using ammo and/or charges.

The deck wants to mulligan for a weapon immediately and hopefully Alice and/or the Camera early. If you get the Camera than keep it. It won't be as worth it late game. If you get it early game especially solo it's fantastic. I know some people are down on the camera, but I've always found it to be pretty fantastic especially in Roland and Joe and it makes thematic sense for them.

This deck potentially can do anything well expect test agility. I took Tooth of Eztli since most of the time you'll be testing agility off of an encounter card anyway. If you know an agility test is coming up then save your Take The Initiatives for it. It's a solo deck so you should always be getting the full three "?"s from that card.

Experience plan: Stick To The Plan, Ever Vigilant to replace 1 Crack The Case, .45 level 2, Enchanted Blade level 3, Pathfinders to replace Shortcuts, Custom Ammo to replace another Crack The Case, then upgraded to Cache level 3 potentially.

Preliminary thoughts on the deck: I think Alice's ability is more effective in multiplayer, but I wanted to try this first as a solo deck. In multiplayer I would probably take the Take the Initiatives out and replace them with Let Me Handle This and/or Unexpected Courage. The Camera might need to go as well and in it's place I'd probably go with Flashlight and/or Mag Lens.