Norman Withers Asks Questions Later

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Hypnonavy · 39

This is the companion to the deck Mark Harrigan Shoots First. Since Mark can take care of all the blasting, Norman has far less pressure to run the standard Mystic suite, and in a lot of ways he cannot run the standard Seeker suite either. His ability means it makes little sense to run skill cards apart from Deduction - why have a dead card on top of your deck, when you could have a useful event? His deck building restrictions mean that his development path looks very different from a normal seeker, or for that matter, a normal mystic. You could say "Norman" is just a little bit off from "normal" both in name and in practice.

I still took Shrivelling as his main combat spell (and Wither, because Norman withers.) but I am not sure I am going to upgrade it, as he is partnered with Mark Harrigan, who is a stone killer. I don't need clue spells at all. But as he grows during this (Carcosa) campaign, I want to take more thematic cards, like Stargazing, Time Warp, Dayana Esperence, Recall the Future, and such. I feel like Norman's destiny is to become a seer. The idea of putting Time Warp on Dayana Esperence is just irresistible!

Hawk-Eye Folding Camera is great for Norman when he is the lead cluever. Fingerprint Kit is an obvious choice as well, it's very efficient. Knowledge is Power is very good, and gets better over the course of a campaign if you choose good spell assets. Crack the Case should be spectacular with a resource hungry Guardian nearby. Shortcut is Shortcut. I was torn on St. Hubert's Key. It's a very good asset, but I think I will upgrade it into Crystalline Elder Sign.