Solo Pete Returns to Dunwich (Standard, Achievements)

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Voltgloss · 125

Solo "Ashcan" Pete's adventures Returning to Dunwich (and a few side scenarios) are chronicled here! Session reports for each scenario are included in the notes of that scenario's decklist. Was Pete Well Connected enough to triumph over the machinations of Yog-Sothoth? Those tales are chronicled here. Enjoy!

Scenario IA: Return to Extracurricular Activities

Side Scenario: Curse of the Rougarou

Scenario IB: Return to The House Always Wins

Interlude I: Armitage's Fate

Scenario II: Return to The Miskatonic Museum

Scenario III: Return to The Essex County Express

Side Scenario: Carnevale of Horrors

Scenario IV: Return to Blood on the Altar

Interlude II: The Survivors

Scenario V: Return to Undimensioned and Unseen

Scenario VI: Return to Where Doom Awaits

Scenario VII: Return to Lost in Time and Space


  • Frist Rule of Arkham (Sc. II)
  • (remainder) The Gang's All Here (2 remaining needed of 5: Zebulon Whately, Earl Sawyer) (Int. II, complete with Daisy's playthrough)
  • Remind Me Not To Piss Her Off (Sc. VI)
  • They Aren't Getting Away With This

Jul 12, 2020 bee123 · 24

That is spectacular. Poor Duke.....