Agnes Flexes for Ironman

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MythosBusters · 2541

This Agnes Baker deck was designed for use during the Mythos Buster's Ironman run of TCU during (Far)kham Nights 2020. The goal of the deck is to have a flexy Agnes that is able to investigate or fight as needed. It skews slightly in favor of investigating, though not so much that it’s prohibitive.

At Level 0, this is a fairly standard Agnes build based around spells and using Agnes’ ability to deal damage when she takes horror. As the deck builds, it mostly upgrades what’s already in the deck, but also adds Twila as an engine to keep spells up and running for longer once they’re on the board.


First priorities

First upgrades for this deck should be Peter (x2) for the static buffs that he provides and the additional sanity soak. Having both stats buffed is just too helpful to pass up, so this is priority number one unless something has gone very sideways.

Next priorities

Following that, upgrading at least once copy of Clairvoyance and/or Shriveling based on how the campaign is going is ideal. Then, based on the group’s composition, you’d either upgrade the Wards or start to sub out something (I’d planned on one copy of Premonition and one copy of Fearless) next to get Charisma and Twila so that you can have an even better spell engine.

End-of-campaign upgrades

Past that point, upgrade Clairvoyance and Shriveling again (the second copy) and then start on the “nice to have” upgrades such as upgraded Robes, Lucky!, and Fearless.

Experience to burn

If you still have experience left past that point, upgrade Rite of Seeking (because…why not?).


In our Ironman run, we had 32 experience to work with. I ended up basically following the route described above, and got as far as upgrading the Robes twice and Fearless once. I only got one Twila in the deck because of how the run progressed, but the rest of the deck upgraded and functioned exactly as intended.