My First Skids Deck

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MockZ · 1

I'm a noob, and I'm continuing to publish my first forays into deck building. For reference, I have the Revised Core, all the standalone starter decks, and the first Path to Carcossa expansion.

This one was a bit more difficult for me. The resource management struggle for Skids is real, especially when his best cards cost so much, along with his OPT ability. But the hope is that Burglary, Emergency Cache, and Sneak Attack help mitigate that struggle.

This Skids is built to be fast in a multiplayer setting. Outspeed enemies, maximize on 5 actions per turn as much as possible, and be a tricky little weasel. Sometimes I wonder whether I should include Opportunist, but I'm stuck thinking which cards to take out. All input and help appreciated!


Jan 14, 2022 SemiSecretSquirrel · 31

Consider taking 'Another day, Another dollar'. Get rid of E. Cache for 2x Faustian Bargains.

Looks good :)

Jan 14, 2022 MockZ · 1

@SemiSecretSquirrel Wow thank you! Unfortunately, I don’t have The Innsmouth Conspiracy yet. But I promise as soon as I get that expansion I’ll add Faustian Bargain!

Jan 14, 2022 SemiSecretSquirrel · 31

Cool :) Also, if you have Forgotten Age, you could drop .41 Derringer for 2x Ornate Bows