Apoyo. Aliado

Aliado. Hechicero.

Coste: 0. PX: 3.

Salud: 1. Cordura: 3.

Obligado - Después de que la Iniciada en lo arcano entre en juego: Coloca 1 ficha de Perdición o 2 puntos de horror sobre ella.

Agota la Iniciada en lo arcano: Busca entre las 3 primeras cartas de tu mazo 1 carta Hechizo y róbala. Baraja tu mazo.

Xia Taptara
Surgen estrellas negras #271.
Iniciada en lo arcano


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Compare to its base version, Arcane Initiate(0), this upgraded card is too expensive for what extra benefit it gives. The option to add 2 horrors instead of 1 doom, and 1 extra sanity on it, along with being 1 resource cheaper.

The doom aspect can be easily mitigated by playing this card when the agenda would advance on the next round anyway, as the advancing agenda will take all dooms in play along with it (something I didnt realised ontil the 3rd playthrough...). If you choose to place 2 horrors on it instead, the extra horror soak is meaningless.

True, its more flexible when you choose to play it during mid agenda progress, but your hard earn exp is better spent else where.

Euruzilys · 14
A few thoughts: 1. 0-cost helps with an Agnes or Jim Dark Horse Build. 2. The option to take horror instead of doom means you don't have to wait to play it. And the horror can be easily healed (Carolyn+Agnes, anyone?) 3. As more spells become available, Arcane Initiate--in either version--becomes better and better. 4. Still not sure it's worth the XP cost, though. — Herumen · 1719
"The doom aspect can be easily mitigated by playing this card when the agenda would advance on the next round anyway" - problem with that is that you could easily lose 4+ turns of card draw waiting like that. Each turn you have your initiate out is a card draw, so having to wait for the Witching Hour is like throwing away 4+ cards. When you consider the average number of turns you'd waste waiting as 1 card apeice, this 3xp version basically comes with a cryptic research attached. Starts to look a lot more appealing when you consider the true cost of waiting. — Low_Chance · 13
As rule of thumb, I always include Moonlight Ritual as either version of Arcane Initiate is a must in mystic decks. — bern1106 · 2
@Low_Chance: If you're going to be losing 4+ draws by not playing Arcane Initiate--i.e., if the Agenda isn't advancing for 4+ turns--in that situation, you just play the level 0 Initiate right away. Then you have plenty of time to kill it off before the agenda advances. — CaiusDrewart · 3046
Anyway, I'd agree with Euruzilys that this card costs too much XP for what it does. Sure, it's nice to have, but Mystic XP has so many other far more powerful uses. Getting a somewhat more convenient Arcane Initiate doesn't feel worth it when you could put your XP into super-power upgraded Shrivellings and Rite of Seekings and so forth. — CaiusDrewart · 3046
I don't like this version of Arcane Initiate either. It should really cost 2 XP instead of 3. Then it would be much more useful and it would be usable by more Investigators (like Sefina). — matt88 · 3053