Plan. Stage 2
Doom: 12. Clues: –
The serpent creature emerges from the shadows with terrifying speed. It is bedecked in ornate gold feathers, and it wields a golden spear, the blade tip unravaged by time. The rattle at the end of the creature's tail produces a tremendous noise as the creature hunts you throughout the ruins.

*This agenda gets +1 doom threshold.

Logan Feliciano
La era olvidada #56. The Doom of Eztli #3.
The Temple Warden

Catastrophic Ruin - Back

The ruins groan and shake with anger. You are not wanted here. The walls and ceiling shift erratically, blocking off corridors and attempting to prevent your escape. Grooves in the stone are now glowing a vibrant red hue. A sinister hiss follows you throughout the temple. The realization dawns on you that you are not making it out of this place alive…

Each investigator who has not resigned is defeated.

The Temple Warden

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