Preston Fairmont
El millonario


Crepúsculo de Plata. Alta sociedad.

Willpower: 1. Intellect: 1. Combat: 1. Agility: 1.
Health: 7. Sanity: 7.

En cualquier momento en el que fueses a obtener 1 o más recursos por el efecto de una carta, colócalos sobre Herencia familiar en lugar de en tu reserva de recursos.

Efecto : +0. En lugar de eso, puedes gastar 2 recursos para tener éxito automáticamente.

"Mi dinero, mi legado, mi problema. Dejad que lo maneje a mi manera."
Magali Villeneuve
El Círculo Roto #3.
Preston Fairmont

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Tamaño de mazo: 30.

Opciones de creación de mazos: Cartas Rebelde () de nivel 0-5, cartas Superviviente () de nivel 0-2, cartas neutrales de nivel 0-5.

Requisitos de creación de mazos (no cuentan para el tamaño de mazo): Herencia familiar, "Deudas" de la Logia, 1 Debilidad básica aleatoria.

Restricciones de creación de mazos: Sin cartas Ilegal.

Preston Fairmont nunca le dio muchas vueltas al origen del dinero de su familia. Lo único que sabía era que tenían de sobra, y se aprovechaba de ello siempre que podía. A veces, su padre parecía preocupado y trataba de explicarle el negocio de su abuelo y las exigencias de algo llamado la Orden Hermética del Crepúsculo de Plata, pero Preston nunca le prestó atención. Más tarde, su padre murió en un misterioso accidente de coche, y la fortuna de la familia de Preston se convirtió en responsabilidad suya. Ahora, Carl Sanford, presidente de la Logia del Crepúsculo de Plata, quiere reunirse con Preston personalmente. Probablemente por primera vez en su vida, Preston ha comenzado a plantearse realmente de dónde proviene el dinero de su familia…
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Automatic Success/Failure: Some card effects make an investigator automatically succeed or automatically fail a skill test. If this occurs, depending on the timing of such an effect, certain steps of the skill test may be skipped in their entirety.
    • If it is known that an investigator automatically succeeds or fails at a skill test before Step 3 (“Reveal Chaos Token”) occurs, that step is skipped, along with Step 4. No chaos token(s) are revealed from the chaos bag, and the investigator immediately moves to Step 5. All other steps of the skill test resolve as normal.
    • If a chaos token effect causes an investigator to automatically succeed or fail at a skill test, continue with Steps 3 and 4, as normal. - FAQ, v.1.7, March 2020
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Lola Santiago is incredibly powerful in a Preston Fairmont deck. I’d say she’s an auto-include.

With Preston’s Family Inheritance Lola lets Preston discover one clue per turn on a shroud 4 or lower (5 or lower if he’s a Lonewolf...) without taxing his resource pool.

In solo, where many locations are single clue locations, this lets Preston solidly hoover up clues while tooling up / drawing cards / moving around the map with his three actions.

Lola is better than Leo in a Preston solo deck. She also gives you a free action a turn, albeit limited to investigating, but that action is test-less, and one you’ll often want to do every turn anyway.

Finally, how does she compare to Streetwise? Sure, streetwise is far more flexible, as it lets Preston boost either Intellect or Agility to 7 once a turn by spending all of his Family Inheritance. Lola boosts those stats too, albeit only to 2, but at least it’s a permanent boost. I’d rather be investigating testlessly than pumping my Intellect via Streetwise and still risking drawing an Autofail.

Streetwise’s main strength is that it’s permanent, so you really have to buy it first. But once you have I’d save up your next 6XP for two copies of Lola

Especially when you add in her damage / horror soak which effectively puts Preston up to 8 in both.

darkskyman · 10
Why did you double post a review for Lola? — Myriad · 714
Does Preston's initial 5 resources during setup go on him or family inheritance? — Caligula · 1
Start up ressources aren't added by a card effect, so i've always played that are in his normal pool — Django · 2630
I'm trying to build a Preston deck but somehow can't add the multi-class Rogue/Survivor Tennesse Sour Mash. Can't understand why it would be forbidden... — SimonG · 1
Ah, I figured it out. "No Illicit cards." :) — SimonG · 1

The side-mission called Curse of the Rougarou has a reward card called Monsterous Transformation. I just got this for Preston and and I can't help but feel it's too broken to be allowed. But as far as I can tell it's fine. I'm going to play it through and laugh as everyone dies to the filthy rich wolf.

jmccrary · 10
It IS too broken. That's why opt to not do that mission when Preston (or Calvin) is in the team... — Nenananas · 14
It's probably even better if you manage to get Body of a Yithian in City of Archives (TFA), as well — Zinjanthropus · 16