Apoyo. Arcano


Coste: 2.
Iconos de habilidad:

: Combatir. Este ataque usa en lugar de . Si se revela un símbolo , , o durante este ataque, el Enemigo atacado recibe -1 a combate y -1 a evitar durante el resto del turno (hasta un mínimo de 1).

Damien Worm
La paga del pecado #157.
  • Wither (4) Before the Black Throne #321

One of the worst cards in the game even before the Sword Cane was released. A mystic fighting with Wither is the equivalent of a Guardian fighting with a Kukri, except worse, since Wither only has a chance to make a second attack easier while Kukri guarantees it.

About the only positive things you can say is that it's a spell, so it can be tutored with Arcane Initiate, and that it gives Diana Stanley something to cancel with Eldritch Inspiration.

suika · 7744
There's a second upside: Wither(0) plus Arcane Research might save you 2 xp on Wither(4), which is actually a decent combat spell if you're worried about charges and have the right sort of chaos bag manipulation. Though, honestly, there are probably enough spells to upgrade whose level 0 version is actually worthwhile that putting up with Wither(0) in the first scenario is unnecessary... — Thatwasademo · 39
I don't consider that an upside because I don't think Wither (4) is a decent combat spell. If Wither (0) is a worse Kukri, Wither (4) is a worse Machete. — suika · 7744
Most 2+ damage spells with Twila are better. Also, Swordcane is similar and doesn't occupy an arcane slot. — Django · 3616
Something that people tend to overlook while examining this card is that this has quite a high "to-hit" bonus. Since the token effect triggers before success is determined, every spooky token effectively has its own modifier reduced by 1. Additionally the modification is independent of success or failure. This is quite good for odd health enemies as it's really cheap, and has none of the punishments of other spells--the 2 horror from shrivelling 5 _really_ adds up, there's a very strong argument that sword cane replaces this but it's not _totally_ dead — Sycopath · 1
Eh, I do think it’s totally dead. It’s upgrade isn’t worth considering as it’s incredibly overpriced for a niche effect. The level 0 version was ok for pinging damage at a decent hit rate, but Sword Cane does the same thing without taking up a slot where a good 2 damage spell could go. Sword Cane has all but eliminated Wither from consideration imo. — StyxTBeuford · 12504
Like suika says, Wither was poorly received on release and already very rarely played. Sword Cane is a much better card for numerous reasons and is quickly becoming an all star. — StyxTBeuford · 12504
Wither is a terrible card but Sword Cane exhausts. Azure Flame replaced Wither imo. Or perhaps even Spectral Razor since it can actually kill an enemy in one turn. With that being said I could see myself running Sword Cane to save Shrivelling or Azure Flame charges. I quite like that card. — TWWaterfalls · 756
It exhausts sure, but enemies either have even or odd health. The only time it’s worth saving a charge on Flame/Shrivelling/Armageddon is when you would be overshooting the health. At 2 damage per hit, that covers even health enemies already, and only one hit from SC is enough to cover any odd health enemy. You could do two hits of wither to save one charge, but the charge is worth less than the extra action you spent. I don’t think Wither is worth the arcane slot at all here. — StyxTBeuford · 12504