Objeto. Ilegal.

Cost: 3. XP: 3.
Test Icons:

Rápido. Usos (2 suministros).

Agota el Whisky de mosto ácido y gasta 1 suministro. Recibes +3 para una prueba de habilidad de una carta de Traición.

Descarta el Whisky de mosto ácido: Combatir. Recibes +3 e infliges +1 de daño para este ataque.

Greg Bobrowski
Por el bien común #190.
Whisky de mosto ácido

This might actually be my favorite card thematically. I love the idea of an investigator seeing something horrifying like some Rotting Remains and just deciding "nope" and taking a swig of alcohol. And you can bust the bottle over the head of an enemy too, which is hilarious.

Tennessee Sour Mash has quickly become one of my earlier upgrades for solo Skids who has trouble with willpower treacheries. This gives him enough of a boost to either pass those scary tests or at the very least lessen the damage they do. Two uses tends to be enough unless he is particularly unlucky with encounter deck cards. The attack is also solid, granting him +3 fight and +1 damage. Combine it with Vicious Blow and suddenly you have an incredibly versatile card that is useful in a variety of situations. The upgraded version being fast is especially critical when playing solo where every action counts.

This upgrade is also much better than both the original card and the Survivor version. Fast really helps Rogues run this without losing tempo, and the Willpower boost and meaningful fight action arguably save you more actions down the line. — StyxTBeuford · 1501
Yorick Take a shot for each Rotting Remain and we succcess on both incident ! — AquaDrehz · 143

I don't know how good this will turn out to be, but I wanted to point out that the art changes from the original on these upgraded cards; apparently 3 XP buys you a little shot glass ( survivors just get more whiskey).

The main changes here are the addition of the fast trait, an extra +1 on the defensive buff, making your molotov cocktail attack deal +1 damage, and the card has a icon in case you're in to pitching your XP cards for checks.

I can see an argument for Jenny Barnes taking this at some point because miss moneybags plays it easily, hits 6s on her stats, and it represents a nice slot-free attack that leaves her hands free for her guns or Lockpicks or wotnot.

I tried Tennessee Sour Mash in Finn Edwards and have been mostly unimpressed, although it is another illicit card to search out or recur with Smuggled Goods. The small changes here just don't feel worthy of 3 XP that could be better spent on a Lola Santiago or something.

The_Wall · 172
I'd disagree, because getting Finn to 4 is much better than getting Finn to 3, and fast means you don't actually have to play it until you need to use it — Chitinid · 13
Although never mind, I forgot that fast assets can still only be played during your turn — Chitinid · 13