Plan. Stage 1
Perdición: 19. Pistas: –
From your initial dream, you have been drawn into a familiar dreamscape: the same one that Virgil Gray traversed in his story in Tales from Nevermore. Is this real? Or is your mind simply conjuring what it expects to see?

Forced - When doom is placed on this agenda during the mythos phase, if any investigator is at a Steps location: Place 1 additional doom on this agenda.

David Sourwine
Los devoradores de sueños #40. Más allá de las Puertas del Sueño #2.
Journey through the Gates

Trick of the Mind - Reverso


If it is act 1, 2, or 3, read the following:

The steps begin to twist like a snake uncoiling from its sleep. You try to keep your balance, but there is nothing for you to cling to for safety as the stairs tilt and flip.

Each surviving investigator is defeated and suffers 1 physical trauma. Each of those investigators may test (3) before being defeated to remember that this is all a dream. Each investigator who succeeds is defeated and suffers 1 mental trauma, instead.

If it is act 4, read the following:

"Help! Please! Anyone!" The voice called out from the trees, far from the path. Normally, this sort of trick would not have fooled you, but the voice was too familiar to ignore. A loved one, perhaps, or someone you once failed in a time of need. It doesn't matter. It's too late now. You spin and look for the path, but it is nowhere to be found.

Record in your Campaign Log the dreamers strayed from the path. Each surviving investigator is defeated and suffers 1 mental trauma.

Journey through the Gates

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