The Cavern of Flame - Reverso


You cannot enter The Cavern of Flame unless all of the clues on the Seventy Steps have been discovered.

"On this landing, there was a huge gate that spanned the width of the rocky platform. Gold-bronze and glimmering, the gate reached skyward and appeared to go on forever, disappearing into a roiling darkness above that reminded me of storm clouds." – Jennifer Brozek, To Fight the Black Wind
The Cavern of Flame

Cave. Steps.

Velo: 9. Pistas: 0

Forced - At the end of the mythos phase: Each investigator in The Cavern of Flame takes 1 damage.

"In light slumber he descended the seventy steps to the cavern of flame and talked of this design to the bearded priests Nasht and Kaman-Thah. And the priests shook their pshent-bearing heads and vowed it would be the death of his soul." - H. P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
Allan Bednar
Los devoradores de sueños #46. Más allá de las Puertas del Sueño #8.
The Cavern of Flame

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