The Enchanted Path - Reverso


You cannot enter The Enchanted Path unless all of the clues on the Base of the Steps have been discovered.

From the base of the steps, a peaceful dirt path winds through the dense forest. Many dozens of eyes watch you with curiosity from the tangled woods surrounding the path.
The Enchanted Path


Velo: 2. Pistas: 0

The Enchanted Path is connected to each Enchanted Woods location.

The Enchanted Path gets +1 shroud for each unrevealed Enchanted Woods location in play.

: You do as you were told... but you feel as though you are missing something. Place 1 clue on The Enchanted Path (from the token pool).

Frej Agelii
Los devoradores de sueños #49. Más allá de las Puertas del Sueño #11.
The Enchanted Path

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