Base of the Steps - Reverso


You cannot enter the Base of the Steps unless all of the clues on the Seven Hundred Steps have been discovered.

Eventually, the steps give way to loamy soil. Coiling up the bottom few steps is a bed of glowing fungi whose shapes defy natural convention.
Base of the Steps

Steps. Woods.

Velo: 3. Pistas: 1.

Forced - After you enter the Base of the Steps, if you have at least 1 card in your hand: Test (X). X is the number of cards in your hand (after committing cards to this test). If you fail, for each card in your hand, you must either take 1 horror or discard that card.

Jason Caffoe
Los devoradores de sueños #48. Más allá de las Puertas del Sueño #10.
Base of the Steps

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