Revelation - Put Prismatic Phenomenon into play in your threat area.

The first time you perform one of the following actions (draw, resource, or play) each round, it costs 1 additional action.

Forced - After you successfully investigate a location: Instead of discovering clues, discard Prismatic Phenomenon.

Dual Brush Studios
Los devoradores de sueños #97. Tierras del Sueño #3-4.
Prismatic Phenomenon

I now hate this card.

Just playing Dream Eaters as Zoey with Luke and I've drawn this several times so far (and to rub it in Luke hasn't drawn it once) and it's just devestating to fighter. Fast cards, lol forget about them.

I wish that instead of discard upon a successful investigation it discarded after a clue was discovered (cancelling the discovery of the clue) or the option to take a bit hit of horror to discard it.

I recommend most decks to at least run a couple of 3 Wild commit cards for situations like this. Also, regarding to Fast cards, from the RR: "A fast card does not cost an action to be played and is not played using the "Play" action." — Nenananas · 228
One note is that it does not specify a *basic* Investigate action. So if you have Sixth Sense you can still ditch it relatively easily as a Mystic. I could even see burning a charge or event on it. — Maseiken · 1
Honestly the benefit of making it "instead of discovering a clue" would be pretty rare. Working a hunch, Roland and Finn, Stirring up Trouble. Other clue discovery effects tend to get less worthwhile as a Trade. — Maseiken · 1
@Nenananas thanks for the heads up on that one, that makes a whole lot less crippling. — screamingabdab · 70
Also note that because it is phrased 'instead of discovering clues', it refers to that outcome of an investigation and not the discrete situation of ACTUALLY discovering a clue. This means that you can still do the replacement effect when investigating a location with no clues on it, which can provide some options for picking a lower shroud location to make it easier. (Compare to the FAQ on Burglary.) — Death by Chocolate · 1275