Paradoja. Bendecido. Maldito.

Coste: 0. PX: 1.


Rápido. Juega esta carta cuando sea revelada una ficha de Caos con un símbolo durante una prueba de habilidad realizada en tu Lugar (antes de resolver sus efectos).

El investigador que realiza la prueba o tú podéis asignar una carta a esta prueba de habilidad o bien devolver a la mano una carta que hayáis asignado a esta prueba.

Adam S. Doyle
Arrecife del Diablo #160.
Efecto mariposa


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It's a simple card. You really can't go wrong using this to get extra uses out of Unrelenting or Seal of the Elder Sign, as long as your deck is relatively skill heavy. Every other effect it has is pure gravy.

Using it as a retroactive commit tool makes it a variant of Lucky: 0 cost, but requires you to spend a card. The 0 cost is also excellent for Dark Horse decks. If you retroactively commit a cantrip skill (Perception, Overpower et. al), the card cost will be offset. If you're only short by +1, retroactively committing Unrelenting allows you to draw 2 card without the sealed tokens affecting the test result. Using it to commit events or assets is meh, but sometimes you just need to pass that test. If you drew though, not much will help save for a retroactive Take Heart or Seal of the Elder Sign.

The Grisly Totem/Try and Try Again effect if you fail and is always useful, except that this can be used on allies as well. Winifred will love you for saving that All In from being wasted on an . And you can recover the card even if you don't fail the test. Take back a wasted Take Heart or Last Chance after you draw your or a , or an Unrelenting for 2 more cards, or a Signum Crucis for even more blessings. If Agnes takes back that Seal of the Elder Sign: you'll no longer be getting an effect on this test, but no chaos token is revealed anyway.

It's not an auto-include by any means. Although Silas, Pete and Minh run skill heavy, their deck slots tend to be highly contested, and unless they're doing bless tech it's likely to be less effective than a Try and Try Again. The idea use case is to support a skill heavy ally while also being skill heavy yourself.

suika · 9311
How does this work as 2 extra copies of Unrelenting? I'm curious. — toastsushi · 68
Committing unrelenting, sealing 0 0 +1, and you have a very good chance of seeing a symbol and being able to pull unrelenting back to commit it again. More so with a few blesses or curses in the bag or later in the campaign with more special tokens. — suika · 9311
For clarity's sake, I mean that you can't really go wrong using it to pull back unrelenting every time you're able to, not that it's literally 2 copies of unrelenting. — suika · 9311
Amended review to be clearer on that. Also are you're the monogatari campaign guy? I just want to say that I'm a huge fan. — suika · 9311
Yes, I am! :D — toastsushi · 68
You could actually guarantee those cards to return to your hand by investing in Favor of the Sun and Ancient Covenant, and the assumption is that you're already playing a bless-heavy deck. Commit Unrelenting, trigger Favor and Ancient, then play Butterfly Effect to return Unrelenting to your hand. — toastsushi · 68
Not sure you can get extra uses from Seal of the Elder Sign due to the "when this test ends" clause. I've read that other "after this test end" cards (e.g. [Daring](/card/06111) still trigger their ability after being returned to hand, so would be the same for SotES? — Advachiel · 57
I dont think Seal of Elder sign works as a combo, that card removes itself from the game, wherever it's gone. — Tsuruki23 · 2487

Here are some combo for this card what I think. Note that this card only works with symbol (, , , , , , , ). If you think combos with /, you may consider Sun/Moon of Favor. Additionally, you always trigger the condition of this card by Sun/Moon of Favor.

  • General usage

    • return important skill card at failure test, which is exactly same as Try and Try Again
    • return over-commited skill card, especially at .
    • commit if a skill test would be failed by 1~3, which is similar as play Lucky!. Note that you cannot prepair the highest Numeric token such as -4 in normal difficulty, so that this card is less robust than Lucky.
    • commit a skill card at success test to gain bonus of the skill card.
  • Card-specific usage (except signature/investigator)

  • Investigator-specific usage
    • Stella: commit Neither Rain nor Snow at , to avoid terrible effect of failure. (encounter test, attack to the enemy engaged with another investigator ...)
    • Minh: commit any skill card at ; then, return just commited skill card by effect.
    • Amanda: return skill card beneath her; then, recycle that skill card for next round.
    • Silas: commit skill card; then, return just commited skill card by his ability. Definance(2) may be a good target for this.

I think there are more combo in world, and I'll add if I find more :)

elkeinkrad · 473
What our group has found Butterfly Effect invaluable for is simply letting us account for nasty symbol token effects. Quite often we’re willing to fish on a test without guaranteed success, or even when we’re aiming to fail (i.e. for “Look What I Found!”), But we are less concerned about the tempo loss of failing than the nasty ‘of you fail’ effect on some of the tokens. Butterfly Effect let’s us take those tests knowing we can avoid those nasty surprises. Sometimes it’s also just a pseudo lucky. Nothing fancy, but it puts in work for 1xp. — Death by Chocolate · 1394

It's Silas Marsh the investigator ability, slightly weakened, on a card, that hits your friends too. And that's quite alright.

It's not really worth mincing many words, but here is a reminder about Silas's ability: Some skill cards have an effect as soon as you play them or before the token is revealed, like Defiance, the benefits on these cards stick around because the card has already caused it's ability, no takesies backsies. Other skill cards wait around, usually to see if you succeed, like Perception, if these arent in play when their trigger happens, no benefits.

TL:DR. Unrelenting + Butterfly Effect good, Perception + Butterfly Effect, less good.

Butterfly Effect is flexible, but not very powerful, it can help you preserve your deck when the going's tough, Silas Marsh for example will often run out of steam if he repeatedly fails tests, draining his hand. Butterfly Effect also helps you steam through tests, but when you do, you're effectively spending 2 cards to beat a test (Butterfly Effect itself, on top of the skill card you commit), that's a downward spiral of cards!

I do not think this is a good card, only take it if you're aiming for a power-combo with Unrelenting, and/or to protect high-value skill cards like Brute Force, All In, Overpower. ETC.

Tsuruki23 · 2487