Apoyo. Accesorio

Objeto. Reliquia.

Coste: 2. PX: 3.
Iconos de habilidad:


Cuando reveles una ficha de Caos que no sea ni , añade 1 ficha a la bolsa de caos: Ignora la ficha que acabas de revelar y revela otra para resolverla. Si esa ficha tiene un símbolo o , devuelve los Dados de la suerte a tu mano (no se puede ignorar/cancelar).

Hacia el remolino #307.
Dados de la suerte

Let me ask a question. What is the worth of a curse token? Apparently to this card..... 2 resources.

I was building a deck for wini, and as I was gathering the normal cards for her, I decided that I was gonna try to breach the norm, and try cards that I haven't played with her. I usually grabbed lucky cigarette case(3) with her, and I still did. But before that, I looked at other accessories, and saw lucky dice(2).

It's a pretty good card... although money hungry, and risk involving. I considered it till I remember from the darkest reaches of my mind, that there was a lvl (3) version. One that involved curses....

So I decided to try a build wini around using, and some how, getting around curse tokens. Nobody likes getting a curse token pulled, especially not someone who wants to overcommit to every test. There are cards like dark ritual that seal curse tokens, but that's too expensive, and only delays the curse problem. I ran false Covenant, of course. It allow her to use cards like Faustian bargain. And not worry about the curses later.

Then I had an idea, Favor of the moon could be played to seal curse tokens, and then every round, i could release one curse, then kill it with false Covenant. It is slow, but it's cheaper, and if anything,doesn't cost any actions.

That there, is 10 xp, devoted to a 'okay' set up. I did enjoy going into a test, pulling a -4, then saying "nope", and then pulling a -1. It's definitely feels great. But it does require some getting around, and the right cards at hand. Wini is really great about draws, but others rogues? Not so much...


  • Not too Expensive... sorta, doesn't eat your resources like it used too.
  • no longer gets banished if you pull the big red meanie. Only goes back to your hand.

But that's the catch...


  • curse tokens can cause it to return to your hand, which everytime you use it, increases its chances of doing that.

  • you might have to spend not only 2 resources, but 1 action AGAIN to put it back into play. Which is still better for spending that exp, at least you keep it.

  • still exceptional, only one copy.

There is a bit of anti-curse synergy here. On one hand, it rewards if you can keep curses in check. On the other, it makes it more riskier to use those really nice cards that add curses, like fb and justify the means. But doesn't that classify as a good rogue card? Risk involving?

This was a solo wini deck, but I feel that if I teamed with anyone, like mystics, they could put the said curse tokens to use, rather than discard then like I tried to do. All in all, it was a very fun build.

I have 1 question that stumped me. If I revealed a curse token with the lucky dice, and used false Covenant to cancel the token, do I keep the card on the field? I went with no, because of (can't cancel or ignore) but I'm not sure.

I believe the answer to your question is that you DO keep Lucky Dice if you cancel the token using False Covenant. If you cancel a token, it is treated as if it were never revealed (See the rulings on Wendy Adams + Baseball Bat or Olive McBride + Ritual Candles for example). — Soul_Turtle · 96
I would play it with Joey (3) so that I no longer need an action to put back the dice in play. And as it increases the cost by 1, I would play it either in a rich deck or in deck with a lot of items to discard after use (Flashlight, Cryptographic cipher, ...) so in a Finn deck specialized on investigation with Scavenging to get back in your hand your investigation tools ? — AlexP · 218
That's pretty nifty. I was playing a event deck, so I had a reserve spot for Chuck, he would provide free action so I could waste it on the dice, IF I needed to. I average using it about 7 times, twice it would go back, mainly because of curses. — Therealestize · 45