Dados de la suerte
¿… o no?

Apoyo. Accesorio

Objeto. Reliquia.

Coste: 2. PX: 2.



Después de que reveles una ficha de Caos, gasta 2 recursos: Ignora esa ficha de Caos y revela otra para resolverla. Si esa ficha tiene un símbolo , retira los Dados de la suerte de la partida.

Invisibles y sin dimensión #230.
Dados de la suerte


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • NB: ArkhamDB now incorporates errata from the Arkham Horror FAQ in its card text, so the ArkhamDB text and the card image above differ, as the ArkhamDB text has been edited to contain this erratum (updated January 2022): Erratum: This card’s ability should read: “When you reveal a non- chaos token, spend 2 resources: Ignore that chaos token and reveal another one to resolve. If that token has a symbol, remove Lucky Dice from the game (cannot be ignored/canceled).” - FAQ, v.1.1

  • Lucky Dice’s ability is meant to be triggered after you reveal the chaos token, but before the chaos token effect’s resolves. This is because it uses the word "ignore" in its effect, which works similarly to when an effect is "canceled" [Rules Reference, page 6].

  • Lucky Dice can be triggered from its own effect. You can continue to ignore tokens and reveal new ones as long as you have resources to spend (and don’t hit the !).

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UPDATE after FAQ 1.1: The dice are great for investigators with an over-the-curve economy.


  • The ability is not limited to skill tests, so you could also use it on cards where you normally wouldn't be allowed to react, like e.g. Final Rhapsody
  • The reaction ability on Lucky Dice states "Ignore that chaos token". This drawn token is not returned to the chaos bag before "another one (is drawn and revealed) to resolve." This means that at least one token which would let you fail the test is out of the bag.
  • As long as you have the credits to pay for the ability, you can repeat it infinite times. With one failure token leaving the bag with each investment, your chances of success rise, if you don't draw the -symbol. These dice can be a pricey life-saver!
  • Decent install cost.


  • The exceptional keyword: They cost 4 xp to include and are limited to 1 copy per deck.
  • They take up an accessory slot.
  • They only protect their wearer.
  • There is a small risk of losing them for the rest of the scenario.
  • Resource heavy ability: it costs 2 each time, you could also boost your stats instead to increase your chances of success, e.g. with Physical Training.
  • Restriced use: If your chances to pass a test are very small initially, Lucky Dice are prohibitive. They only give you other tries to pass it until you run out of money.

As some confusion has evolved around the mode of operation, here comes the link to a in-depth discussion with answer from Matt Newman.

Synisill · 790
When you need several Accessories, Relic Hunter (3 XP) is there for you. — Django · 4963
Did you notice that the Dice can be used multiple times per test so long as you have the creds and you dont draw tentacles on any draw (wendy tenticle replacement can block those as you say). This means it probably has a nice role in a Jenny deck where cash is a bit more abundant. — StartWithTheName · 65602
Thank you for mentioning it, i edited my review accordingly. — Synisill · 790
In combination with wendy, this is interesting. If wendy used the dice 3 times (-3; -4; auto fail) and then use her ability, she would only add the last token (auto fail) to the bag and could even continue using the dice. — Django · 4963
If you can trigger the dice off of itself, and since triggers are 'nested' does this mean you can draw the tentacles token (using the dice) and just draw again before the 'if this is tentacles' check fires? — Difrakt · 1272
@Difrakt No, you have to read the whole paragraph before using the <b>dice</b> again. So if you draw the tentacles token, you are forced to remove them. You can only avoid the resolving by <b>other</b> means, for example with Wendy's Amulet. — Synisill · 790
Sorry, Wendy's ability, of course. Or any other way that lets you ignore chaos bag results. — Synisill · 790
@synisill do you have a place in the rules where you can point to that indicates this is true? I've never seen anywhere in AH's or any FFG game where they consider paragraphs contextually relevant, and the ruling on nested triggers clearly indicates that you have to resolve triggering conditions before moving on to following sequences. In this case the new token pulled to resolve occurs in a separate instance from the trash trigger. — Difrakt · 1272
@synisill the "then" keyword has nothing to do with paragraphs. I see no reason why you could not use the dice to prevent their removal. The "Then" keyword has a specified meaning in AHLCG---the subsequent events do not occur until after all events of the preceding event are resolved. — FBones · 18400
Oops, sorry @synisill, I thought there was a "then" in the text that is not there. @Difrakt, synisill is correct, but it has nothing to do with paragraphs. It is a simple consequence of the "After" keyword. Look on page 10 of the rules reference under "Effects." All parts of an effect must resolve before things related to "After" text, so the dice cannot be used to save themselves because the effect of the first tentacles must resolve before they have a chance to be triggered a second time---and by that time the dice are no longer in play. — FBones · 18400
Is removed from the game untill the end of the current game or does it count for all the campain ? — catambroise · 2
@catambroise The removal is temporary only, until the end of the current game/scenario. It is still part of your deck and will be included if you continue a campaign. — Synisill · 790
Since FAQ v1.1 Wendy's ability doesn't work, as the removal of the dice cannot be ignored/canceled. — vidinufi · 64
After revealing a token, paying 2 and ignoring, does the token return to the bag? Because if it doesn't, you can make some 100% safe tests. Take a test and commit a ton over the difficulty (to beat the hardest modifier). Reveal the token. If it is the auto-fail, pay 2, cancel it, and draw another. The second one cannot make you fail. — MarcMF2 · 4

The Exceptional keyword doubles the printed experience.

Do the investigator's deck building restrictions refer to printed XP or total XP cost?

For example, could Wendy Adams add this card to her deck, as she can only buy rogue cards costing up to 2 XP?

Django · 4963
Yes, Wendy can buy this. — CaiusDrewart · 3038
Deckbuilding restrictions are by level (number of pips under the cost). For most cards, the cost is the level. Exceptional doubles the cost, not the level. — Khudzlin · 1