Plan. Stage 3
Perdición: 10. Pistas: –
The great flood has begun. With the ritual complete, the seas shall overtake the Earth, and there will be nothing left but the primordial ocean and its denizens. You are all that stands in the way of humanity's extinction.

If an Ancient One enemy is slumbering, flip it to its (Awakened and Enraged) side.

Forced - When your turn begins, if you are at a fully flooded location, you struggle for air: When your turn ends, if you did not enter an unflooded or partially flooded location during your turn, take 5 direct damage.

Brad Rigney
Hacia el remolino #314. Hacia el remolino #4.
The Flood

Into the Maelstrom - Reverso

The chanting of the Deep Ones rises to a crescendo. The alien walls of Y'ha-nthlei twist and contort before your eyes, like lungs desperately clawing for breath. The air becomes thin. Water seeps through the walls. Nothing can stop the pull of the tide now. Nothing can stop the great flood. A triumphant roar sounds throughout the city, and the citizens of the deep rise to meet the cry in their jubilance. You collapse in exhaustion and resignation. Your part is over, now. The part of humanity will soon follow.


The Flood

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