Acto. Stage 2
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Deep within the city of Y'ha-nthlei, the Deep Ones are performing a ritual that will drown the Earth under the seas. The only way to counteract this ritual is to unveil the depths and expose the city to the sky.

Either remove 1 damage from an Ancient One enemy at your location, or investigators at a Lair location spend 1 clues, as a group: Decrease the flood level of any non-Sanctum location in play

Objective - Stop the Deep Ones' ritual by draining the city. If each location in play is unflooded, advance.

Victoria 2.
Carlos Palma Cruchaga
Hacia el remolino #316. Hacia el remolino #6.
City of the Deep (v. I)

Shattering the Alignment - Reverso

The seas part with a roaring torrent. Chill air flows through the corridors of Y'ha-nthlei as it rises. When the stars look down upon its alien, emerald halls, something in the air changes. There is a sound like a snap and the hissing of air being pulled through the vacuum of space. Then, like automobiles lurching to life, the Earth and the Moon begin to move once more.

Add this card to the victory display.

- If there is another act card in play, you may choose to either continue playing in order to accomplish the objective on that act card, or proceed immediately to (→R1) without fulfilling that objective.

- If there are no other act cards in play, proceed to (→R1).

Victory 2.

City of the Deep (v. I)

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