PX: 1.


Puedes asignar Persistencia a una prueba de habilidad desde tu pila de descartes. Si lo haces añádela a tu mazo y baraja éste después de que esta prueba termine.

"Cualquiera, no tratándose de un estólido granjero, se hubiera desmayado o enloquecido..." - H.P. Lovecraft, El color del espacio exterior
Tiziano Baracchi
La fiesta del Valle de la Cicuta Expansión de investigadores #118.


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This card functionally reads as "You get +1 skill value to 2 different tests" due to it being immediately available from the discard pile.

This means it will work wonderfully with anyone who cares about on-commit effects such as Minh Thi Phan (with her Analytical Mind), who already loves cards like A Glimmer of Hope. With Persistence, she essentially gets to commit it once for +2, then again for another +2! (The same can also be said for anyone using any variant of Grisly Totem).

It could also work in a Patrice Hathaway deck. She loves wildcard skills that allow her to improvise to whatever situation she finds herself in. Secondly, she loves cards that can be played from the discard pile, considering how quickly she goes through her deck.

It's a shame Winifred Habbamock can't take it, though.

snacc · 973
Ashcan Pete loves this card, it’s performed very well for me. Good fodder to ready Duke with while also giving you an extra boost for any test. I’ve been bringing this in mid campaign, it’s a great use of leftover experience for someone who can get extra use out of it. — bsj06a · 1