Relicario ocultista
Fuente dudosa


Ayuda. Pacto.

Coste: –. PX: 3.


Permanente. Límite de 1 por mazo.

Tienes 1 espacio arcano, de mano o de accesorio adicional, que sólo puede usarse para un Apoyo Bendecido o Maldito.

"El precio es una nadería para lo que obtendrás a cambio."
Pixoloid Studios
La fiesta del Valle de la Cicuta Expansión de investigadores #132.
Relicario ocultista


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Hidden Pocket and Occult Reliquary both give you an additional slot, but allow you to choose what type of slot you gain. Are you allowed to change your mind about what kind of slot you gain from these effects (similar to the other slot-related effects in FAQ 1.24, "Shifting Slots"), or is it determined when the card enters play? A: With cards that allow you to choose what type of slot you gain, you should declare a slot type immediately, but you can still re-assess what type of slot it is once an asset enters play that can use either slot. It’s fine if you play Hidden Pocket, thinking you’ll use the hand slot, but later you play an accessory that you’d rather put in Hidden Pocket instead. (Rules Form, January 2024)
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Very nice and interesting card. I expect Enchanted Bow to see more play with the inclusion of that permanent, as it will only take one hand slot. You can't do that with Ornate Bow. I think, I will even try that myself as Wendy Adams. As a dexterity character, If you care about your other hand slot (Lockpicks obviously), you can compare this setup with just Hyperphysical Shotcaster, which already uses only one hand slot. The first option has infinite ammo and is way cooler, but the second has more burst potential. If you are not the main damage dealer, maybe one attack per round is not that bad with the Enchanted Bow

Sure, but this is only one nieche. I'm pretty sure, this will become a staple on the level of Charisma or at least Relic Hunter. Any class has contested slots in either hand or arcane. Guardians can take a one handed off-weapon like the new "Blessed Blade" or (cheaper in XP) "Hungering Blade", Mystics finally get a non-jank way to include an evade spell (Shroud of Shadows) aside Fight and Investigate (if they are flex) or their main thing and something extra, like "Seal of the Seventh Sign" or "Dream Enhancing Serum", if they are not. "Eye of the Djinn" and "Black Fan" are great Rogue cards, but the hand slot a considerable cost for them. The leased impressed class will likely be Seeker. They would most likely love to use it for additional tomes, but "Cryptic Grimoire" is just terrible. — Susumu · 351
Does Ebow still take a hand & arcane? — MrGoldbee · 1420
Sure. Or rather, you could choose, if it takes one hand and one arcane or two hand slots from your original slots. OR gives just ONE additional slot. — Susumu · 351

Sure, this is a great card, and it will see a lot of play, but it kind of makes me sad, how it ruins this whole "slot game".

Why bother youself with Familiar Spirit or Book of Shadows if you want more arcane slots? Blessed/cursed will cover a lot of mystic assets, just pack this.

Why bother youself with Bandolier as a guardian for sidearm? Just pack this and Enchanted Blade or Blessed Blade while keeping your hands for a big gun.

You got the idea. Yes, this costs you 3 XP, but for that XP you gain stability, actions and resources that you would spend to "fix" your slots. Not a fun of such game design.

Lycher · 1
"Enchanted Blade" won't work. The Bandolier has been butchered by "Brand of Cthugha" before. — Susumu · 351
Can't you say the same of Charisma? — MrGoldbee · 1420
Book of Shadows would be a "maybe" if it was 1xp and $4. — MrGoldbee · 1420
I'm not sure I really get the point of more Arcane slots in the first place, especially if they're used to house a bless/curse asset only (which aren't very good outside dedicated decks for these)? Usually you can have a clue-finding spell, a damage dealing spell - and that basically covers all your needs. — HungryColquhoun · 5340
And for Guardians, again do they really need an extra hand slot? They have a lot of good one-handed weapons as it stands. I don't see why you wouldn't just take Blessed Blade (4) without Occult Reliquary - it's a great weapon and then you still have a hand free for whatever else you'd want. — HungryColquhoun · 5340
I'm not sure how often I see Bandolier, Familiar Spirit, and especially Book of Shadows in play. Charisma and Relic Hunter have existed a long time without breaking anything. Since Hemlock Vale just gave us a bunch of shiny new Bless/Curse cards I suspect we'll see Occult Reliquary get a lot of play for a while, but I'm not sure that it's breaking anything or crowding out any viable decks. — Pseudo Nymh · 42